ramadan poem-i need a spiritual retr

Ramadan Poem- I need a spiritual retreat


Ramadan Poem-I need a spiritual retreat

I need a spiritual retreat
I want to cut the ropes of attachment of duniya and hide somewhere deep

I am fed up of my nafs
that raises the glance towards the glitters of the world.
I don’t need to be perfect
there is no end to the needs of people’s world.

My eyes long for a glance of kaaba sharif
The heart is dirty,it needs to be cleansed.
Am I not worthy, the eyes weep
The pain is deep, it needs a medicine

My deeds are few and I don’t know how much will it weigh
Ya Allah! I don’t have ostentation,I don’t have pride, Make my deeds heavy on the scale.

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The buzzing whats app,
The constant notification.
The iftar dawat
The shopping carnival..
Ya Allah there is lots of distraction

I am not able to connect to you ya Allah,
But ya Allah, you know my heart, It yearns for you.
Had it not been for your pleasure I would have cut from everyone but you.

My head on ground
My nose rubbing the dust
I am your creation
Full of your love.

Don’t let me fall ya Allah pick me up
Ya Rabb, pick me up
Pick me up.😥


ramadan poem-i need a spiritual retreat
Ramadan Poem-I need a spiritual retreat
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