Real Life Lesson from The Holy Quran For the 21st Century Muslim

A Book to help you become a better Muslim:Real Life Lesson from The Holy Quran 

Real life lessons from Holy Quran

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Why Read this Book :

In just 96 pages, this book will change your life for better. The author’s aim is to inspire you and make you a better Muslim. The inspiration for the book is derived from the verse:

“(This is) a Book (the Quran) which We have sent down to you, full of blessings that they may ponder over its Verses, and that men of understanding may remember.”

This book is ideal in helping teenagers get over pornography, addicts in getting over their drinking or smoking addictions, or anyone in getting over depression, understanding the purpose of life and be content with Allah’s decree. The author ensures that the contract gives you the extra push that’s always needed to bring a positive change in your life.

Structure of this Book :

This book is divided into 5 chapters, and each chapter consists of several related life lessons derived from the Noble Qur’ an. These lessons are meant to be as concise as possible, and at the same time as inspiring and helpful to the reader as possible. At a time when Muslims think twice before looking into the Quran for answers to their problems, This  book of relevant life lessons from the Quran (that I was in immense need of during my teen years) will allow the Muslims of the 21st century to recognize the greatness of this miracle from God, and prevent them from making the same mistakes that many People make in their life.

Real Life Lesson from The Holy Quran BY Muhammad Bilal Lakhani

Topics Covered in this Book

Topic 1 : What to do when Life is good ,bad or trying ?

Chapter 1 :What to Do when Life is Good?
Chapter 2 : What to Do when Life is Not as Good?
Chapter 3 :What to Do when Allah begins to Test your
Faith by Taking away Your Wealth and Your
Chapter 4 : A Compilation of Uplifting Verses from the
Qur’ an to Help you through Rough Times in
Chapter 5 :What to Do when You see Yourself acting on
Shaitan’ s Desire

After Covering the above topics,the Author gives:

  1. Uplifting Verses from Quran to deal with Odd situations
  2. A Step by Step plan to getting into Paradise.
  3. Quranic Verses that describes Paradise
  4. The most Interesting thing I found in this Book is the “Written Contract between You and God Chart ” where the author asks you to fill a chart. And then it shows you a fully filled sample contract .Don’t worry these are simple questions in the contract like: Fields I will improve in,Sins I will leave etc
  5. After you fill the shows you the Personalised road to Success
  6. Then there are beautiful pointwise shortcuts to Paradise .Yes, the author gives us a realistic, easy and achieveable step-by-step plan to achieve Jannah! And who doesn’t want Jannah?! He then steers us towards a “fool proof” method of staying out of Hell.
  7. The Author presents a compilation of Qur’anic verses describing Hell: Subhan Allah, this compilation is something that we need to read and reflect upon daily. Additionally, readers are also taught how to master the art of repentance.
  8. The Author then continues to give you  method to stay out of hell by talking about Inside Shaitan’ s Head
    • Shaitan’ s Weapons of Mass Destruction
    • How to Stop Shaitan in His Tracks
    • Compilation of Qur’ anic Verses describing Hell
    • Mastering the Art of Repentance
    • Some Inspiring Words of Advice
  9. 25 Real Life Lessons from Story of Prophet Yusuf
  10. Then It talks about other Miscellaneous topics: >>• Money and Islam: Friends or Foes
    • Why?: A Heart-gripping Essay on the State of
    the Muslim Nation
    • Women and Islam: the Truth at last
    • The Last Word on being a Muslim in the 21st


Over all Remarks:

The Books helps you in spiritual development and to overcome your bad habits .Truly this book helps develop a  a strong connection with the blessed Qur’an and Allah Himself .It is not huge and vast.Just 96 Page book with wealth of useful information. Once you read the book  , You will definately love it .

I highly recommend purchasing this book for yourself and gifting it to at least one person (preferably a teenager/an introvert/younger sibling/revert/donating it to a Masjid Library).The Book can be purchased here ,Jazak Allah Khair

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