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Best Tips to Write a Dissertation Related to the Islamic World

Students try hard to overcome the challenges of writing dissertations year after year. It is a complex and time-consuming assignment that can lead to sleepless nights and extensive stress. Some start working on their research studies as soon as possible, while others surrender to procrastination and hope for the best. This article aims to inform you about the ways you can make this task easier and less stressful.

Here are some tips that will help you overcome the obstacles of this massive assignment on your own.You can also use a trustworthy custom dissertation writing service like to hire an experienced writer if you get struct during the writing process.


Best Tips to Write a Dissertation Related to the Islamic World

Top Tips on Writing a Dissertation Related to the Islamic World

Define a specific research question

Start by identifying a specific research topic related to the Islamic world that interests you. Analyze the questions discussed in class and look through your notes. Perhaps, you will find something that you would like to get more information on and explore.

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Conduct a broad literature review

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Once you know what questions to explore, you can thoroughly review existing publications on your chosen topic. You aim to gain a deep understanding of the points other scholars have already discussed and identify any gaps or areas that need further exploration.

Use primary sources

Use primary sources such as historical documents, religious texts, and cultural artifacts to support your statements and provide firsthand evidence. Doing so looks more convincing than reference sources that reference others. Your advisor will know that you’ve made an effort to find reputable resources to support your claims.

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Seek diverse perspectives

The Islamic world is diverse and complex. It is critical to include a variety of viewpoints in your study. Your mission is to offer an objective summary of the selected topic. Engage with scholars, professionals, and people from various backgrounds to comprehensively understand your research project.

Add context

Provide historical, social, and cultural context for your research topic. To highlight the relevance of your dissertation within the Islamic world, you need to explain not only current events but describe the past as well.

Pay attention to cultural nuances

Respect the cultural sensitivities associated with the Islamic world. Conduct and present your research respectfully and unbiasedly, avoiding stereotypes or generalizations. If you are not sure about some points, take time to double-check them.

Analyze the impact of Islam

Consider the influence of Islam on various aspects of the Islamic world, such as politics, society, economy, and art. Doing this analysis will enrich your research and provide a comprehensive understanding of your chosen topic.

Address contemporary issues

Investigate current issues, debates, and trends in the Islamic world. Analyze how these challenges link with your study topic and discuss their current and future implications.

Get inspired by other disciplines

Take advantage of interdisciplinary approaches to shed light on your research topic. You can get insights from disciplines like history, anthropology, sociology, political science, and art history to provide a holistic analysis.

Contribute to the scholarly discourse

Don’t write a dissertation just for the sake of writing it. Aim to make an original contribution to the academic field. Whether it’s a new perspective, a fresh methodology, or an innovative analysis, strive to add value to the existing knowledge of the Islamic world through your dissertation.

Where to Get Relevant Information on the Islamic World

Often, students don’t know where to find relevant information on the Islamic world to conduct a research study. Here are some options:

  • Academic databases. Access scholarly databases like JSTOR,ProQuest, and Academic Search Premier. You can use numerous academic journals, articles, and research papers on Islamic studies, history, culture, and related fields.
  • Books and monographs. To make your research effective, look for titles specifically addressing your research topic or broader aspects of the Islamic world. Physical and digital libraries are also excellent resources for finding such materials.
  • Academic journals. Subscribe to academic journals dedicated to Islamic studies. Examples include the Journal of Islamic Studies, Islamic Law and Society, and Islamic Studies. You will explore the latest research findings, critical analyses, and scholarly debates.
  • Research institutes. Review the reports of reputable research institutes with a focus on the Islamic world. Institutions like the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies often produce insightful studies.
  • Academic conferences. Even though it requires extra effort, attend conferences and symposia focused on Islamic studies. It is a great chance to network with scholars, engage in discussions, and learn about the latest discoveries.
  • Documentary films. Watch documentaries that explore different aspects of the Islamic world. You can learn a lot from platforms like PBS, BBC, and Al Jazeera. They offer documentaries covering historical events, cultural traditions, and social life.

It is also crucial to accept the obvious fact: writing a dissertation is a huge challenge. Therefore, it is normal to get help if you get stuck during the writing process. Many students turn to a trustworthy custom dissertation writing service like to hire an experienced writer. It is great to have the support of someone who has successfully coped with this assignment before and can provide numerous tips. Collaborating with an expert will help you avoid making common writing mistakes.

Have fun writing your dissertation, and get help whenever necessary.

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