10 things that can erase Sins

erase your sins

10 things that can erase Sins

“Sometimes the people with the worst past, create the best future.”Umar bin Al Khattab

Are You Scared of Your Past?Sometimes the burden of Sins make us so Upset and Worried that things get scary,We feel lost,stressed and suicidal and then shaitan comes to us pretending to us to be our best friend  .He Offers to  us his beautified  Solution  like “listen to some Music” ,” have a drink ” ,”you are already a sinner-doing more such sins will be the same as the first sin ” .And eventually Man starts to fall into the traps of shaitan and he even begins to call himself ” Devil “,”Badboy ” the Satanist ” . Astaghfirullah!

10 things that can erase sins

Allah says to His Prophet: “Say: “O my Servants who have transgressed against their souls! Despair not of the Mercy of Allah: for Allah forgives all sins: for He is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.” (az-Zumar, 39/53) But Shaitan takes hold of them  and make them feel that the door of repentance are closed for them .He misguides them to such an extent that he get astrayed from the deen of  Islam and he does not realize it until he has no time to repent. Please Pause here for a moment and reflect .Do You really want to come out of your sinful past ? If Yes,then there is a Solution. Proceed to the Video.

Quran ad

What If We have already Committed Sins : 10 Ways in Which the Consequences of a Sin can be Pushed away

I am Summarizing the lessons we take from this Video So that We can learn them and remind ourself  in times of distress. These  are-

Sins are pushed away-

  1. Do Tauba
  2. Engage in Istaghfar
  3. Do Good deeds
  4. When People make Dua for him ,Sins are wiped
  5. When believers gift the reward of their action to him
  6. When Prophet intercede for him on day of judgement
  7. Allah may expiate his sins through trial of this world
  8. Allah may put him in trial in barzaqh and expiate his sins
  9. Allah may trial him with horror of day of judgement
  10. With the  Mercy of Allah

So Do lots of Astaghfar and remember me in your Duas too.

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  1. My comment don’t get hurt any modestly living women around us, working, studying, and coming out from there place with total regulations those Islam suggest and recommend, here i simply denoted those they are getting out without wearing hijab the dress that hide their Aurath.

  2. now days very difficult to live because of female is any where we enter, social media, road, offices, where they are integral part of marketing and business. i am very upset of this situation, i dont like to look, some time casually look and used it….
    I am mentally discomfort of this scenario now days going on before eyes, ya allah keep us from some bad hapits, give mental stability to intimacy with you and things which you like.

  3. Aoa sending pics to na mehrum what kind of sin is this and any kaffarah of this sin how can i remove this sins from my nama amal plzz help….????

  4. Respected dear Sir,
    AssalamuAlaikum: if possible kindly send all text duaas mp3 duaas and video duaas pertaining to study, Knowledge, memory and excellent Success

    • Walekum Assalam . Glad that you like it .May Allah keep us steadfast in our deen and help us in learning and sharing the beauty of Islam.

  5. Assalamu Alaikum,
    No problem.I am glad you got your question answered . Jazak Allah khair for reading and reflecting on the message.

  6. Salam Alaikum

    Can you please elaborate more on below points as I am not aware about these:

    When People make Dua for him ,Sins are wiped
    When believers gift the reward of their action to him
    When Prophet intercede for him on day of judgement
    Allah may put him in trial in barzaqh and expiate his sins??
    Allah may trial him with horror of day of judgement??

    My question that if someone has done major sins all his life, why would the Prophet (PBUH) intercede for such a person. And these points that you mentioned, specially the last two i.e. trial in barzaqh and trial with horror; can you please elaborate more or share your source of information so i can get further information.

    Thank you

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