40 Days until Ramadan 2024. Ramadan Preparation Plan

40 Days until Ramadan 2024.

Ramadan is arriving alhumdulillah. It is just 40 days left for Ramadan.

When is Ramadan 2024?

Ramadan 2024 starts Sunday, March 10 In sha Allah.

There is a hadith that states, “How unfortunate is a person who, after the end of Ramadan, does not gain any forgiveness of his sins from Allah but ends up piling more sins onto his account.

The righteous predecessors were very attentive to the worship of Almighty Allah, including paying great attention to the holy month of Ramadan. It is known that many of them used to pray to Allah during the six months after the end of Ramadan to accept their fasting. Then, in the next six months, they would ask Allah to allow them to see the next Ramadan, so that they would have another opportunity to engage in this great worship, which is fasting during this holy month. In other words, we can observe how the pious predecessors of this Ummah (community of Prophet Muhammad, pbuh) were prepared to meet Ramadan. Abu Bakr al-Balkhi, may Allah bless him with mercy, said:

“Rajab is the month to sow the seeds; Shaban is the month to irrigate the crop, and Ramadan is the month to reap the harvest.”

And he also said:

“Rajab is like the wind; Shaban is like the water-laden clouds, and Ramadan is like the rain.

Let us prepare for Ramadan in advance so that when Ramadan comes, we get into the habit of repenting to Allah, seeking His mercy, doing dhikr, etc., ensuring that we can make the best out of Ramadan and continue to do so throughout every day of our lives.

In Sha Allah we will be posting daily reminders on Ramadan Preparation in our Social media channels- Instagram, Facebook 1, Facebook Hadith.

We will be organising English Quran Giveaways, Islamic Worksheets giveaways and Ramadan Planner giveaways In sha Allah.

We have been organising Ramadan Preparation Plan since many years now. You can read our Previous years RPP here:

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