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Islamic Parenting-How to give your Child fun-filled Islamic Education

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Children are born in a state of fitra (purity) and then their parents teach them to be believers or unbelievers. According to the Musnad Ibn Hanbal, ‘The children of the unbelievers are better than you grown-ups. Every living creature is born with a righteous nature.’ It is our obligation and duty as parents to teach our children so that they grow up to be believing, practicing Muslims. Sending the child to an Islamic weekend school or to a full-time Islamic school is an important but minor part of their Islamic education. The major ‘institution of learning’ for each child is his family, and the major ‘professors’ of this institution are the parents.

Prophet(Salallahu Alaihi wassalam) has Very Strictly advised us to inculcate Islamic Morals in our Kids. But How do we do this?Don’t Worry.With Islam Hashtag,In sha allah you will get great Parenting tips from different Parenting books and Islamic Resources that will help you in effevtive Islamic Parenting.Let us start with few tips from Our Beloved Prophet(Salallahu Alaihi wassalam)).

     Check this : Some Hadeeth of Prophet Muhammad SAW directed to Muslim Parents.

Our Prophet (Salallahu Alaihi wassalam)) has stressed both on the Importance of Spiritual teaching and the Knowledge that woud help him in Duniya. Both Studies should go Side by Side with none to be Compromised or Ignored.With this in Mind I Would like to Introduce You to few Islamic Products available in the Islamic Marketplace which can help give your Child  fun filled Islamic Education.

10 Practical tips of Islamic Parenting

Who Doesn’t Want a Pious and Obedient Child?Almost Every One of Us.But Do you know that It is not that Easy.Take a Moment and Ask Yourself ,What do you do for the Moral Upbringing of your children?Our Kids are Our Responsibility and we will be Questioned about their Upbringing.If You Haven’t been doing Enough, It is high time that you look into the Moral Upbringing Of Your Child.Here are few Really Useful Parenting Tips that may help You.

Parenting Skills: Based on The Qur’an and Sunnah (Review)

Everyone realises that raising children is a very tough task.Our Children are a trust from Allah(Swt).Childrens are a Product of Influence that the Parets have on them and Allah is going to ask about this Influence on the day of judgement. Knowing the Objectives of tarbiyah,having a strong Knoledge of the basic Principles of Parenting according to Quran and Sunnah and having a Self Search Process to change Oneself as a Parent,and Putting these Principles into practice are the Key

Islamic Books for Children

We should strive to give Islamic Education to our kids from an Early stage. The minds of children are like wet mud and it is our responsibility to mould these brains into Productive Ummah.

Books used to be our best friends.Let us give our kids colouful informative books which teach them Islamic Etiquettes .Here is a compilation of some good books for children. Check some good books for Children here

Islamic Games for kids

Our Kids love Games.We buy so many games and toys for our children but do we care to buy them Islamic games?When you gift an Islamic stuff to someone you not only earn the thawab of Sadqa but everytime a person uses your gift,you keep getting the thawab.Here are few suggestions for Islamic games for Kids.These games are very suitable to give as a gift to a Muslim child. Check Some Islamic Games for Kids here


Islamic Toys for Kids


A Perfect way to introduce Children to Islam at an early stage is  with  puzzles,Dolls,soft toys and audio Player.Children are Known to learn ad mimic what they listen an grasp.

There are loads of dolls,Puzzles in the market but do You Know that there are Dolls which recites the surahs of Quran?Toys which recites Quranic stories and Duas. Do check these products here an get your kids their Prayer Buddy. Check Some Islamic Toys for toddlers here


Islamic Cartoons for Children

There are various Islamic Apps available for free that can entertain your Kids and give them Islamic Values at the same time.

Check the review of few Islamic Apps Parents use the most for their Kids.Have you Downloaded these free apps for you Kids.If not ,Hurry ! Download them Now.

 Islamic Stories For Kids


Do you narrate Islamic stories to your Kids?Kids grasps things fast and giving your children an Islamic Companion in the form of colourful books that narrate the stories of their favourite Heroes from Quran can act as charm.It may sound self-evident but engaging your child during storytime will play a tremendous role in how much your child likes to read when he is older.

Get an Islamic Story Book for Your Kid and give them an education that would shape their Akhirah. Check it here

 Islamic Quizzes

Encourage your  Kids to try these Islamic Quizzes and you can try these quizzes yourself .It increases you in Knowledge in a fun way .

Many Islamic Schools wrote to us that they  encourage their students to try our Quizzes so We Update Quizzes often  .So do encourage your kids to try these Islamic Quiz

Worksheets for Kids

Islamic Months worksheet


We have included and In Sha Allah will be including many worksheets to help you in effective Islamic Parenting . Some of the Worskheets already uploaded are –

and much more .. Do keep checking for more resources .All of them are absolutely free .

You can Print these Worksheets in A4 size paper and use it for your Kids assignments during the Holidays and weekends .In Sha Allah . Do let us know in the comment box of the respective worksheets if you like them and of you want us to make more worksheets on a Particular topic .




Quran For Kids

Muslim scholars have translated Quran in a very easy to Understand language .It is an interesting translation of Quran with graphics and Background of the Revealed Verses that makes the Understanding of Quran easy and Fun.

Read the Review of  Kids Quran-The Meaning of the Holy Quran for School Children and get  a Copy of this Kids Quran for Your kids .They will surely fall in Love with It.

Supplication / Dua to Make our Kids Pious

Bismillah-hir-Rahman nir-Rahim.Do You Know that there is a Supplication from  Quran which If Read frequently can make our Offspring Pious and in the straight path.This supplication is from Surah Ibrahim 14:40.


14 40

“Rabbi-Ajal’ni muqeema salaati, wa min thurriyyati, Rabbana wataqabbal duaa”

O my Lord! make me one who establishes regular Prayer, and also (raise such) among my offspring O our Lord! and accept Thou my Prayer.

islam for kids

Books for Islamic Homeschooling by Darussalam : Islamic Education Series(1-12) Do you believe that your child should know more than quran recitation? Are you looking for books on Islamic Homeschooling? Given the dire need for Islamic studies material in schools incorporating the subject in English. Darussalam has endeavored to publish an Islamic Studies series covering all the grades, from grade one through grade twelve.These books are good for homeschooling your Kids even if they do not have Islamic studies in their school.

Check Other Resources on Islamic Parenting Available Online:

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