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Dua khatam Quran in English

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Dua khatam Quran in English

What is the Dua khatam Quran ?

Islam Hashtag Changed status to publish October 30, 2023

Dua Khatam Quran we can do

When we finish the recitation of Quran surah An Nas, we should start the first chapter surah Fatiha and one ruku of surah Baqarah.

Then we can make dua with the name of Allah and there after recite this dua of Khatam.

Please note that it is permissible for a person to make du’a as he wishes and to choose beneficial supplications such as praying to be forgiven, to be granted Paradise and to be saved from Hell, seeking refuge with Allah from fitnah (temptation, tribulation), asking for help to understand the Quran in the manner that Allah is pleased with and to act upon it and memorize it and the dua mentioned here is from a pdf which you can download here- Dua khatam Quran pdf

dua khatam of Quran

Dua Khatam Quran

Dua khatam in English

“Allah the highest and the greatest speaks the truth, And the Messenger, the Prophet, the Kind speaks the truth. And we are from among those who are the witnesses (to this truth.) O our Lord! Accept (this recitation of Quran and worship) from us. Indeed You are All Hearer and All Knower. O Allah! Change our loneliness and fear into comfort in the grave. O Allah! Have Mercy upon us in the name of Quran; And make it a guide, a divine light, guidance, and a mercy for us. O Allah! Make us remember what we have forgotten; and give us knowledge of that which we are ignorant in it; and make us recite it in the hours of the night and day; and make it an argument and reason (for salvation), O the Lord of the worlds.

O Allah! Brighten our hearts with Quran; And beautify our akhlaq (manners) with Quran; And protect us from the Hellfire with Quran, And enter us in the Jannah with Quran, O Allah! Make the Quran our companion in this world, and a companion for us in the grave, and a guiding light on the bridge of Sirat, and a caring friend in Jannah, and a protection and a shield in the Hellfire, and means of guidance for all the goodness… And bless us in fulfilling your commandments sincerely within our hearts and with our tongues, And from our Imaan give us the love of goodness, and obedience, and bless us with good news.”

Islam Hashtag Changed status to publish October 30, 2023