“O Allah, make the months of Rajab and Sha’ban blessed for us, and let us reach the month of Ramadan (i.e. prolong our life up to Ramadan, so that we may benefit from its merits and blessings).”


Free English Quran

Do you need an English translation of Quran? Alhumdulillah with the help of our new Patrons we have decided to restart our English Quran giveaway.This time we are giving Preference to the New Reverts but if you really need an English translation of Quran, Do write to us.

Quran learning
Rajab Qiveaway- English Quran and Asma ul Husna Worksheet 22

In Sha Allah, we will be announcing the names of the Chosen Person in our Social media and we shall be mailing the Person for details of their delivery address.

How to request?

You can request the book by mailing to us at [email protected] And Please only mention the following things in your email. If you shall be selected, we shall inquire your delivery address In sha Allah.

  • Name :
  • Are you a revert? :
  • In which country do you Reside?
  • Pin code of the state :
  • Is Amazon delivery Possible in your area?
  • Do you want to share anything about your connection with Quran ?(optional)

N.B :This book will be sent to the chosen Person’s Postal address free of cost. Delay may occur due to COVID restrictions in your city. We shall Publish the name of the chosen Person at the end of each month so stay in touch through our Facebook/ InstagramSee more details here : https://islamhashtag.com/free-english-translation-of-quran/

Rajab Qiveaway- English Quran and Asma ul Husna Worksheet 23

Asma ul Husna Coloring Worksheet Giveaway

Do you want a Coloring book in which the kids can colour and learn the names of Allah Subhanatala ?

Asma ul husna

You can get our Asma ul Husna Coloring book for free. It is a a soft copy as pdf and available on instant download. This book is more than 100 pages and you can use it to learn the names of Allah swt. You can be creative with this worksheet and use it in anyway you want.You can use modelling clay to fill it, you can fill it with water colour or crayons.The child also traces the name of Allah the almighty in English and learn the sifat of the name.You can check sample pages in our blog- http://islamhashtag.com

Rules of Participating :🎊Rule: Share with us a photo of any 1 page of completed Free/Premium Worksheet that you have already used using the hashtag #islamicworksheet in instagram or facebook and tag Islam Hashtag or send them to us at [email protected].

Rajab Qiveaway- English Quran and Asma ul Husna Worksheet 24

Don’t worry if you have not used any of our worksheet earlier. You can download some free Worksheet,fill just one page and send it to us.You can download free/premium worksheets from our blog.🙂

How many Winners?🏅

10 winners will be selected In sha Allah🏆🏅

When will the winners of Asma ul Husna worksheet giveaway be announced ?

20- 27 February 2021 In sha Allah.

All the best.

Please share with People who may benefit.

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