Wisdom of Flogging from Islam used by Doctors to treat Drug/Sex Addiction

Deep in Siberia, scientists claim they have made an astonishing breakthrough in curing drink and drug addicts, as well as helping workaholics and even those obsessed with sex – by using corporal punishment.

The Treatment which is an astonishing breakthrough discovery is a Prescribed norm for Muslims since 1400 years.Flogging is Prescribed to the Fornicator-Someone who commit Illegal Sex.Allah says in Surah Noor:

Quran learning
Flogging to Cure :Wisdom of Quran used by Doctors 16

Quranic verse for flogging
24.2. The fornicatress and the fornicator – flog each of them with a hundred stripes; and do not let pity for them hold you back from carrying out God’s law, if you truly believe in God and the Last Day; and let a group of believers witness their punishment.

This Ayats are from a Surah whose Preceding line quotes:

quranic verse for flogging

24.1 :[This is] a A sura which We have sent down and which We have ordained in it have We sent down Clear Signs, in order that ye may receive admonition.


flogging treatment to beat addiction

Russian scientists say that this method proved to be effective while most traditional addiction treatment methods have failed, but what is the secret to that? Dr German Pilipenko confirms that it dealt with more than a thousand cases in this method, even if many people travel from distant countries to take advantage of this treatment !!
Dr. He said also hitting The sex addict in order to rid it of sins contribute to the liberalization of Endorphins of the brain which is material responsible for happiness, which makes the addict feel and happily help him get rid of the sex or drug abuse.Psychologists say: This method is a kind of corporal punishment on the sinful acts committed drunkard or adultery addicted, It makes him feel guilty and that what he is doing is a big mistake to be rid of it and not to return to him. It is an effective method has been used by some soothsayers hundreds of years ago. he recognizes Dr. Sergei Speransky, director of the vital Studies Institute in Novosibirsk Institute of Medicine that the beatings with canes or bamboo is effective in treating Bouts of depression and Feeling of guilt. The process of the flog or hitting make special areas in the brain for drug addict for example and talked complex processes lead to get rid of addiction easily.

Flogging to Cure :Wisdom of Quran used by Doctors 17

Flogging Treatment

The treatment was pioneered in Siberia by Dr Sergei Speransky, director of Biological Studies at Novosibirsk Institute of Medicine, who himself admitted to undergoing flogging treatment as an antidote to his bouts of depression.

‘Patients see that this treatment is working where everything else has failed’, he was quoted as saying.

‘It worked for me. I’m not sadistic, at least not in the classical sense – but I do advocate caning’.

The psychologist behind this ‘cure’ is Dr German Pilipenko who with fellow practitioner Professor Marina Chukhrova has treated more than a thousand patients, and is now getting foreigners travelling to try his unconventional ‘method of limited exposure or pain’, often as a last resort.

The Patient is provided psychological counselling before each session of 60 lashes (those with alcohol or other addictions face 30) – and also undergoes a electrocardiogram to ensure the shock therapy is not causing unexpected heart problems.

Patients pay 3,000 roubles ($99) for a session of counselling and beating. They are expected to undergo two beating sessions a week for three months – with follow-up visits every four weeks for the next year.The ages of the patients – men and women – range from 17 to 70.

Story of Natasha who overcame drug Addiction with Flogging:

The reaction of most people is predictable: to snigger, scoff or make jokes loaded with sexual innuendo.But 22 year old Natasha insists they have got completely the wrong end of the stick – or rather the cane.  And she should know.

‘I am the proof that this controversial treatment works,’ she says, ‘and I recommend it to anyone suffering from an addiction or depression. It hurts like crazy – but it’s given me back my life. Without it I seriously believe I would now be dead’.

Life for Natasha, 22, from Novosibirsk, could hardly have been worse when she agreed to this method as a final hope for overcoming her chronic heroin addiction.

‘I was a wreck,’ she says. ‘I was heavily addicted and it was killing me. I had fallen hopelessly in love at the age of 16 and didn’t realise at first that my boyfriend was a heroin addict, and did everything I could to make him kick his habit. He couldn’t, and I succumbed to it too.

‘Originally I took the drug because I thought, by doing so, I would shock him into giving up. I was young and naive and it didn’t work. By the time I was hooked on it, he died of an overdose – and everything collapsed around me. I was stealing from my mother and stepfather, spending nights alone outside in the gutter’.

‘My mother sobbed and begged me on her knees to stop. I wanted to, but you can’t just stop. She took me to hospital after hospital for a variety of conventional treatments – but none of them worked. I remember once lying down on a hospital bed with spittle trickling down from my mouth, and I was so weak that I couldn’t even lift my hand up to wipe it.’

In desperation she turned to religion.

‘I spent months at a special religious retreat – and people were praying for me all time. It was so sweet of them but it didn’t help me. I still needed the drugs and went to any lengths to get them’.

One by one many of the friends she shared with her boyfriend – all of them hard-bitten addicts – died.

‘There were so many deaths around me. I nearly died too – I just couldn’t see a way out. It was then that my mother heard about this new method of treatment in Novosibirsk, her home city. I agreed to try it’.

‘All I was told at first was that it would involve some physical pain but that Professor Chukhrova believed it could really help me’.


tflogging treatment to beat addiction

Like other patients, Natasha was given psychological counselling before each session of 60 lashes (those with alcohol or other addictions face 30) – and also undergoes a electrocardiogram to ensure the shock therapy is not causing unexpected heart problems.

‘I was so scared before the first time – and I am still frightened many months later’, she says.

‘I’m not a masochist. My parents never beat me or even slapped me, so this was my first real physical pain and it was truly shocking. If people think there’s anything sexual about it, then it’s nonsense.

‘With each lash I scream and grip tight to the end of the surgical table. It’s a stinging pain, real agony, and my whole body jolts. Often I cry, and the doctor sometimes asks what I am feeling, and if I am ok.

‘My body gets really hot and my palm starts sweating. It’s really unpleasant – but after each session, I can see that it works. In fact, it’s the only thing that has worked for me. As he strikes me, the doctor explains the danger of the drugs. But this treatment is not about punishing me for taking heroin. It works because of the effect on my body – the release of these endorphins – that is letting me get rid of the addiction.

‘The pain helps me understand the dangers I have caused to myself, how I was simply killing myself’.

The doctors echo what she says, and insist that they are not seeking to humiliate Natasha and their other patients; nor is punishment their primary aim.

‘Despite this, in a strange way I suppose I do feel I’m getting punishment which at the same time brings me back to life. After each session I have red lash marks on my backside but it doesn’t bleed. It’s not easy to sit down for a few hours afterwards.

Unlikely as it sounds, Natasha is adamant that this treatment has transformed her life.

‘I wouldn’t keep coming back for this if I didn’t think it was working’, she says. ‘I know many of my friends think I am mad to trust these doctors. But I want to live. For the first time since I because an addict five years ago, I feel I have a chance.

Source : Siberian times

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