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Surah Rahman Lessons :Favors Mentioned By Allah in Surah Rahman(Quran Chapter 55)

In the entire Surah, Allah’s bounties – worldly as well spiritual – are continuously recounted. The greatest of all bounties is the knowledge of the Holy Quran , because it is an all-comprehensive Book directing man in temporal and spiritual matters and in matters relating to this world and the next. Those who heeded the Holy Quran and fulfilled its right, like the blessed Companions, Allah raised their status in the Hereafter and blessed them with inconceivable bounties and favours. In this world too they are promoted to such high stations as the greatest of kings were not able to attain.

Listing down the blessings Allah mentions to us in Surah Rahman :

  1. Allah taught us  Quran (by His Mercy)
  2. He created Man and taught him eloquent speech.
  3. The sun and the moon run on their fixed courses (exactly) calculated with measured out stages for each (for reckoning, etc.)
  4. The herbs (or stars) and the trees both prostrate to Allah.
  5. He has raised the heaven  and He has set up the Balance.
  6. And on the  earth He has put for the creatures. And Therein are fruits, date-palms producing sheathed fruit-stalks (enclosing dates)and also corn, with (its) leaves and stalk for fodder, and sweet-scented plants.
  7. He created man (Adam) from sounding clay like the clay of potter and the jinns  from a smokeless flame of fire.
  8. He is) the Lord of the two easts (places of sunrise during early summer and early winter) and the Lord of the two wests (places of sunset during early summer and early winter).
  9. He has let loosed the two seas (the salt water and the sweet) meeting together and set between them a  barrier which none of them can transgress.
  10. And out of these Sea  come out pearl and coral.
  11. And It is Allah who causes the SHIPS to sail on the Sea.
  12. Whatsoever is on the earth will perish. And the Face of your Lord full of Majesty and Honour will abide forever. (We See People Dying around Us,But We do not consider!)
  13. Allah gives honour to some, disgrace to some, life to some, death to some .Every creature begs of Him .Every Creature needs Him. Allah is free of Need.He is supreme,the Almighty.
  14. And Allah will attend to us(take our Account on the Day of Resurrection ,but sadly! We fear not)
  15. We (Men and Jinns) cannot  pass beyond the zones of the heavens and the earth .If We try to pass beyond the zones of heaven and Earth ,there will be sent against us, smokeless flames of fire and (molten) brass and we will not be able to defend yourselves. We can Only pass through it with the authority of Allah.
  16. When the heaven will be Split, and it becomes rosy or red like red-oil, or red hide ,On that Day no question will be asked of man or jinn as to his sin, (because they will already been known from their faces either white or black).On that day the Mujrimun (polytheists, criminals, sinners, etc.) will be known by their marks (black faces), and they will be seized by their forelocks and their feet. Allah will show the criminals ” Hell “which they  used to deny. And They will go between it (Hell) and the boiling hot water!
  17. But for him who [the true believer of Islamic Monotheism who performs all the duties ordained by Allah and His Messenger Muhammad SAW , and keeps away (abstain) from all kinds of sin and evil deeds prohibited in Islam and] fears the standing before his Lord, there will be two Gardens (i.e. in Paradise)With spreading branches .And in both these branches will be two springs flowing (free) and there will be every kind of fruits in Pairs.They will recline upon the couches lined with silk brocade, and the fruits of the two Gardens will be near at hand.In both these gardens will be those (maidens) restraining their glances upon their husbands, whom no man or jinn yatmithhunna (has opened their hymens with sexual intercourse) before them who will be like ruby and corals in beauty. And Besides these two gardens there will be two other gardens in Paradise which will be dark green in colour. In both of these gardens there will be two springs gushing forth water and there will be fruits, and date- palms and pomegranates in both of them.In these gardens there will be good and beautiful wives for them .The Hours will be guarded in pavilions who will be virgin and they will recline in green cushions and rich beautiful mattresses.
  18. Allah asks What can be the reward of good other than good.

Blessed be the Name of your Lord (Allah), the Owner of Majesty and Honour.

                      Lessons From Surah Rahman – Notes to be noted and Practiced In Sha Allah

Surah Rahman Lessons
Surah Rahman Notes-favor of Allah
Surah Rahman Notes-favor of Allah

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Records from Sayyidna Jabir states that the Messenger of Allah recited this Surah before some people who remained silent. The Holy Prophet SAW said:
“I recited this Surah to the Jinns, on the night of Jinn, and
their receptive response was better than yours! Whenever I recited Allah’s statement ;” Fabe aiyye Alaa e Rabbikuma tukajjeban “,(0 mankind and Jinn,) which of the bounties of your  Lord will you deny? ) They said:  “La bishai-im min neymika rabbana nukajjibu falakal hamdu “None of your bounties do we deny, our Lord! All praise is due’to You”‘

Surah Rahman Lessons-Which of the blessings of your lord will you deny? 16

Source : Tafseer.

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