Unreliable tafsir of Quran-Quran Tafsir We should avoid reading

unreliable quran tafsir

                                The Quran Tafsir which We should avoid

One night I was browsing net randomly,when I happened to drop by a very unreliable tafsir of Quran..Quran is the book of Allah,read by Muslims.Since Quran is in Arabic,we need to look into the commentary and translations of Quran to understand the context in which the verses were revealed.Sadly many people have included their own notion and understanding from either inauthentic hadeeths or sectarian and political interventions.I was shocked and disturbed when I found that the tafsir I was reading was not the only tafsir that is unreliable .There are loads of other literature which present a twisted interpretation of Quran.Here is a list of unreliable Quran Tafsir which should be avoided:-

1)Tafsir of Mustafa Zayd

This unreliable tafsir of Quran by Mustafa Zayd rejects the existence of angels and Shayateen which he interpreted (away). So he committed kufr by his tafseer and took himself outside of Islam. These tafseers and their likes are not considered books of tafsir by the Muslims and nor are their explanations given any consideration.

2)Tanweer al-Miqbaas min Tafseer Ibn ‘Abbaas

This unreliable tafseer was compiled by the Shafi scholar Muhammad ibn Ya‘qoob al-Fayroozaabaadee (d. 1414 CE/817 AH). The Tafsir attributes explanatory statements to the Sahabee Ibn Abbas through the use of chains of narrations. However these chains of narrations are weak and unreliable. It is completely rejected by Muslim Scholars.

3)Tafsir Bab al-ta’weel fi ma’ani al-tanzeel.

Some scholars went after stories and added to the Quranic stories from the books of history and israilyyat (Judaica) and began to collect everything they heard however meagre or abundant without revising the things that contradicted the Shari’a, did not agree with the mind and contradicted Qur’anic ayahs which are definite in meaning. One such person is ‘Ala’ al-Din ‘Ali b. Muhammad al-Baghdadi the sufi otherwise known as al-Khazin who did this in his tafsir Bab al-ta’weel fi ma’ani al-tanzeel.

4) Tafsir al-Bayan of al-Shaykh al-Tibrisi and the tafsir al-Tibyan of al-Shaykh al-Tusi.

Some scholars concerned themselves with supporting their mazhab (school) and explaining the verses in accordance with whatever supports their faction like the tafseer al-Bayan of al-Shaykh al-Tibrisi and the tafseer al-Tibyan of al-Shaykh al-Tusi. Both of them supported the views of the Shi’a and their mazhab regarding belief (‘aqaid) and ahkam.

5) Tafsir of Tantawi Jawhari

Another unreliable Quran tafsir is Tafsir of Tantawi,where Tantawi Jawhari has mentioned that there are modern sciences and disciplines in the Qur’an and he filled his tafseer with pictures of birds and animals to demonstrate that the Qur’an did explain such things.

6)Rooh al-Bayan  by  sufi named Ismail Haqqi .

Allamah Sarfraz Khan Safdar has listed this tafsir amongst the unreliable Quran Tafsir It is filled with unreliable and weak opinions which have nothing to do with tafsir of the Quran.Allamah Sarfraz Khan Safdar writes in Rah-e-Sunnat 

“As for the view of the author of Tafseer Roohul Bayaan that this narration is a lie and concoction, his opinion is not even worth considering. He classifies weak and concocted narrations as authentic and authentic Ahaadith as weak. Besides that, the classification of Ahaadith is not his au fait. This is the speciality and job of the Muhadditheen and Fuqahaa. The author of Roohul Bayaan is a Mufassir with a sufi disposition. He has included everything, be it authenticated or not, in his work…”

He has also listed tafsir of al-Sawi as unreliable along with Urais al-Bayan.The above mentioned tafsirs are very popular in the biddati circles.

Source: Adapted from various forums.,especiallyfrom this forum with modifications.

Please stay away from unreliable tafseers and read only the authentic and reliable narrations.

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