Why Muslims Eat beef? Why associate Cow slaughter to only Muslims ?

In Dadri’s Bishara village on September 28, a 50-year-old Mohammad Akhlaq was lynched and his son Danish (22) was brutally beaten up as punishment for allegedly eating beef on Eid and ‘storing it’ for later consumption.

Why Muslims Eat beef:

Beef is allowed in Islam.Quran says,

Quran learning
Why Muslims Eat beef? Is Beef eating Muslim Monopoly? 11
  • (20:54)”Eat and pasture your cattle(therein),verily in this are ayat(proof and signs)for men of understanding.
  • (6:138)”And according to their claim,they say that such and such cattle and crops are forbidden,and none should eat of them except those whom we allow.”Allah says to the people who add their own intradictions in matter of food that these persons lie against Allah and He will recompense them for what they used to fabricate.

Is it only the Muslims who eat beef?

Ikhlaq,the man killed in Dadri,was innocent.He was killed for no crime.He is not the only man who eats beef.There are some prosperous hindus who themselves encourage cow-slaughter. True, they do not do it with their own hands. But who sends all the cows to Australia and other countries where they are slaughtered and whence shoes manufactured from cow hide are sent back to India.Muslims are unnecessarily blamed maligned and targeted for excessive meat consumption while the fact is that Christians and Jews are  the highest meat consumer communities.

Due to the politics of India,.out of 15 crore Muslim People,80 % of Muslims are poor who struggle for three meals a day.leave aside eating Mutton and beef. India’s Scheduled tribes and Scheduled castes -who account for 25 percent of the country’s population, are beef eaters.Beef is eaten  by Christians too.The Hindu religious fundamentalists have always associated cow slaughter with Muslims,Professor Dwijendra Narayan Jha, a historian and author of the book, the Myth of the Holy Cow,says that eating beef was common in Vedic and subsequent times among Brahmins long before the advent of Islam to India.

In his book ,he says that the historian have broken  the myth that Muslim rulers introduced beef eating into India. Much before the advent of Islam in India, beef had been associated with Indian dietary practices. Also it is not at all tenable to hold that dietary habits are a mark of community identity.

He further says that a  survey of ancient Indian scriptures, especially the Vedas, shows that amongst the nomadic, pastoral Aryans, animal sacrifice was a dominant feature till the emergence of settled agriculture. Cattle were the major property during this phase and they offered them propitiate the gods. Wealth was equated with the ownership of cattle.

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In a hymn of the RigVeda it is said that “Indra will eat thy bulls.2 In another hymn of the RgVeda. 3 Agni is styled Uksanna and Vasanna i.e. “eater of bulls and barren cows.” Not only for the purpose of sacrifices but for food also, the bovine species were killed in regular slaughterhouses and this is evident from another hymn of the Rig Veda4. Again, it is suggested in the RgVeda that the cow was cut up with a sword or axe.5 It is interesting to note in this context that the modern Hindu practice of Jhatka-bali, that is, severing the head of the animal at one stroke, had not yet come into fashion. There are ample evidences how the Rgvedic people were fond of beef-eating. Even in funeral ceremony beef-eating was considered an essential part.

Many gods such as Indra and Agni are described as having special preferences for different types of flesh — Indra had weakness for bull’s meat and Agni for bull’s and cow’s. It is recorded that the Maruts and the Asvins were also offered cows. In the Vedas there is a mention of around 250 animals out of which at least 50 were supposed to be fit for sacrifice and consumption. In the Mahabharata there is a mention of a king named Rantideva who achieved great fame by distributing food grains and beef to Brahmins. Taittiriya Brahman categorically tells us:— `Verily the cow is food’ (atho annam via gauh) and Yajnavalkya’s insistence on eating the tender (amsala) flesh of the cow is well known. Even later Brahminical texts provide the evidence for eating beef. Even Manu-smriti did not prohibit the consumption of beef.

In therapeutic section of Charak Samhita (pages 86-87) the flesh of cow is prescribed as a medicine for various diseases. It is also prescribed for making soup. It is emphatically advised as a cure for irregular fever, consumption, and emaciation. The fat of the cow is recommended for debility and rheumatism.

Why Muslims Eat beef? Is Beef eating Muslim Monopoly? 13

Below are the quotes from Vedas which prove that Vedic -Hindus were cow eaters:-(source)

  • Manusmriti (Chapter 5 / Verse 30) says, “It is not sinful to eat meat of eatable animals, for Brahma has created both the eaters and the eatables.”
  • Maharishi Yagyavalkya says in Shatpath Brahmin (3/1/2/21) that, “I eat beef because it is very soft and delicious.”
  • Apastamb Grihsutram (1/3/10) says, “The cow should be slaughtered on the arrival of a guest, on the occasion of ‘Shraddha’ of ancestors and on the occasion of a marriage.”
  • Rigveda (10/85/13) declares, “On the occasion of a girl’s marriage oxen and cows are slaughtered.”
  •  King Rantiveda slaughters 2,000 cows a day in his royal kitchens and distributed beef along with grain to apparently grateful Brahmins, the Hindu priests.
  •  Charak Samhita, 100 B.C.: Flesh of cow is prescribed as a medicine for various diseases. It is also prescribed for making soup and advised as a cure for irregular fever, consumption, and emaciation. The fat of the cow is recommended for debility and rheumatism.
  •  Taittiriya Brahman , 500 B.C.: Verily the cow is food.
  •  Yajnavalkya, one of the most popular Hindu sages: ”Some people do not eat cow meat. I do so, provided it’s tender.”
  • Sacrificial offering for Indra, the rain God and Agni, the fire God, are bulls and cows. (Perhaps that is why we are having less rain, as we stopped sacrificing cows.)
  • Vedas have mentioned 250 animals out of which at least 50 are fit for sacrifice and human consumption.
  • Manusmriti did not prohibit the consumption of beef.

On one hand , the hindus of today call Cow as their mother and every possible thing is being done to ban cow slaughter in India.on the other hand India remains to be the second largest beef exporter country. The world’s largest beef meat exporter country is Brazil followed by India,Australia, USA and UK.Ironically The four biggest beef exporter company are owned by  Hindu.Their names and address are as follows.

1-Al-kabeer Exports Pvt Ltd.
(Owner- Shree Shatish &Atul Sabharwal) 92, jollymakers/ chembur Mumbai400021
2- Arabian Exports pvt Ltd.
(owner- Shree Sunil Kapoor)Russion mentions, Overlies,Mumbai 400001
3-M.K.R frozen food Exports pvt Ltd (Owner-Shree Madan Abot)MG Road, Janpath
NEW DELHI 110001
4-P.M.L Industries pvt.Ltd
(Owner- shree A.S bindra)S.C.O. 62-63Sector 34-A Chandigarh 160022

2)Cows are killed for leather: India is world’s largest exporter of leather

The majority of leather comes from India’s cows, who are abused, beaten and poisoned in order to make leather for high street stores. As India forbids the slaughter of cows, these poor, innocent animals are forced to endure brutal and grueling journeys where they are confronted with an unimaginable end.

When travelling by train, anywhere up to 900 cows are crammed into a wagon that is supposed to hold a maximum of 80 to 100, and upon arrival 400 to 500 come out dead. On some routes they don’t bother with trains and instead they tie them and take them on foot. The cows are not allowed to rest or drink, so to keep them moving workers beat the animals across their hip bones where there is no fat to cushion the blow, break their tails to force them to rise, and torment them by rubbing hot chilli peppers and tobacco in their eyes.One leading leather technologist has estimated that as much as 75 per cent of all Indian leather could come from illegal sources.

What would happen if People stop eating Meat?

According to a report, 30 lakh animals are slaughtered every day, to be consumed by the non-vegetarian population of India. If these people stop eating non-veg for a year, only in India, (30, 00,000 x 365 = 1, 09, 50, 00,000) more than 100 crore animals will be saved from being killed. That means, there will be one animal for every person.

Every animal produces about 20 kilos of meat, at an average. If we multiply this amount with 30, 00, 000, then (30, 00,000 x 20 = 6, 00, 00,000) around 6 crore kilo meat is produced daily.

One person, on an average, consumes about 100 grams of meat at a time. That means, around 60 crore people consume 6 crore kilo of meat every day.

India’s Muslim population is around 15 crore, more or less Then who are the 45 crore people who consume meat. Even in the 15 crore Muslims, 80% of the population is so poor that they cannot afford eating meat daily.

Then who is consuming so much meat in India?

Isn’t it a prejudice to associate Cow slaughter only to Muslims?




3)Excerpt from Book-Myth of the Holy Cow