Remembering 14 Badri sahaba martyred in Badr: My Visit to Battle of Badr

Battle of badr -17 Ramadan 2AH

The Battle of Badr was the first major battle in Islam. Since I live Near Madina, My visit to the site of battle of Badr was not my First Visit. I had visited it a number of time but this Visit was Special. Special Because for the first time I reflected deeply on the Battle of Badr. I began to recall the Quranic Ayah and the Hadeeths on the “Battle of Badr. ”  I was emotionally carried into the history of time.

Quran learning
313 Badri Sahaba names: Visiting Battle of Badr. 14

When I arrived at Battle of Badr, it was afternoon. The Sun was at his Peak . I looked at the Sun and felt the Struggle of the sahabas.

Do you know when was the battle of badr fought? The Battle was fought on 17th of Ramadan, 2AH.Yes  it was fought in the Second year of Hijri in the middle of Ramadan.

badri sahaba battle of badr
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I looked all around and I  tried to visualise the Battle. I had a Map of battle of Badr in my mind and I tried to put the Map in real Picture.  I was standing at the graves of Martyr and it was not possible to exactly visualize the Map into reality but yes, I drew a Rough guess. My heart was filled with awe. I Sent Darud and Salutation on my Prophet SAW and I glorified Allah for the Victory he always gives to the believers. This Battle Field was a Living example when Allah granted victory to the Muslims who were 313 in number against their Well equipped enemy who were thrice their strength. This is the Map –

battle of badr badri sahba

I then went to the Place where the names of the Suhadas of Badr is inscribed and for the First time I went through all the Names. It was difficult to stand in the Scorching Sun  and read all the names but I when my eyes caught the names of Some Sahabas that I have studied, I recalled their great Sacrifice and my eyes filled with tears .

313 Badri Sahaba names: Visiting Battle of Badr. 15

14 Badri sahaba

badri sahaba
badri sahaba names

 Badri sahaba

Names of 14 sahaba martyred in Badr:Badri Sahaba names

the battle. Their names are listed at the site of the battle.They were :

1) Sayyiduna ‘Umayr ibn Abi Waqas. رضي الله عنه
2) Sayyiduna Safwan ibn Wahb. رضي الله عنه
3) Sayyiduna Dhu-Shimalayn ibn ‘Abdi. رضي الله عنه
4) Sayyiduna Mihja’ ibn Salih. رضي الله عنه
5) Sayyiduna ‘Aqil bin al-Bukayr. رضي الله عنه
6) Sayyiduna ‘Ubaydah ibn al-Harith. رضي الله عنه
7) Sayyiduna Sa’ad ibn Khaythama. رضي الله عنه
8) Sayyiduna Mubashir ibn ‘Abd al-Mundhir. رضي الله عنه
9) Sayyiduna Harithah ibn Suraqah. رضي الله عنه
10) Sayyiduna Rafi’ ibn Mu’ala. رضي الله عنه
11) Sayyiduna ‘Umayr ibn Humam. رضي الله عنه
12) Sayyiduna Yazid ibn al-Harith. رضي الله عنه
13) Sayyiduna Mu’awidh ibn al-Harith. رضي الله عنه
14) Sayyiduna ‘Awf ibn al-Harith. رضي الله عنه

These Sahabas will always be remembered  till the end of the time for their great Sacrifice . They were favored by Allah because they showed their tawakkul in Allah and Love for dear Prophet SAW that we can’t even imagine. Some stories of Sahabas I want to share are –

313 Badri Sahaba names: Visiting Battle of Badr. 16
  • Sayyiduna ‘Umayr ibn Abi Waqas. رضي الله عنه was one of the youngest Martyr in the Battle of Badr . When the Prophet (Sallallahu Alyhi wasallam) encouraged the Muslims to prepare for the battle of Badr, ‘Umayr (RadhiAllahuAnhu) was very eager to join them, despite his young age. He accompanied the army and tried to conceal himself. When he was asked why he was hiding, he replied:
  • “I fear that the Prophet (SallallahuAlyhiwasallam) may see me and deem me to young to fight, whereas I am very eager to fight in the path of Allah and attain martyrdom.”AllahuAkar ! was only sixteen years old. When the Prophet (SallallahuAlyhiwasallam) inspected his army, he spotted ‘Umayr and told him that he was too young to battle.‘Umayr began to cry so much until the Prophet (SallallahuAlyhiwasallam) felt sympathised and permitted him to join the army. He fought in the battle and his wish of Martyrdom was granted
  • Ubaydah ibn al-Harith رضي الله عنه   When Utbah ibn Rabi’ah cut off his leg ,he recited a Poetry which is still remembered. It was

    You may cut off my leg, yet I am a Muslim.
    I hope in exchange for a life near to Allah,
    with Houris fashioned like the most beautiful statues,
    with the highest heaven for those who mount there.

    ‘Ubaydah (RadhiAllahuAnhu) was taken by his companions to the Prophet (SallallahuAlyhiwasallam), with blood flowing endlessly from his leg. He asked: “Am I not a martyr of Prophet of Allah?” The Prophet (SallallahuAlyhiwasallam) replied: “Certainly!”


  •  Rafi’ Ibn al-Mu’alla al-Ansari رضي الله عنه  He was killed by ‘Ikramah Ibn Abi Jahl, who later accepted Islam and was also martyred.“Allah Ta’ala smiles at two men, one of them kills the other but they both enter Jannah. One of them fights in the path of Allah and is killed. Then Allah forgives the killer [who enters Islam] and he later fights in the path of Allah and is also killed.”
    (Narrated by Imam Bukhari on the authority of Abu Huraira (RadhiAllahuAnhu)
  • Haritha Ibn Suraqah al-Ansari رضي الله عنه  When the battle commenced between the soldiers of Allah Ta’ala and His enemies, Haritha went to a pool to drink some water. It was at that point when Habban Ibn al-‘Irqah struck him with an arrow, which lead to his martyrdom in the path of Allah Ta’ala.

    When his mother came to know of the death of her young and beloved son, she approached the Prophet (SallallahuAlyhiwasallam) and exclaimed: “O Prophet of Allah! You know very well how much my son means to me! If he is in Jannah, I will be patient in hope of reward from Allah. But if he is not in Jannah, what am I meant to do?” The Prophet (SallallahuAlyhiwasallam)  replied: “Woe to you! Is there only one Jannah? Verily there are many Jannaat, and your son is in [the best one] al-Firdaus!”

  • Sayyiduna Sa’ad ibn Khaythama. رضي الله عنه –When the Prophet (SallallahuAlyhiwasallam) encouraged the Muslims to prepare for Badr, Sa’d RA  and his father were both eager to fight in the path of Allah. However, it was not possible for both of them to take part in Badr, as one of them had to remain at home with the women of the household.Khaythama (RadhiAllahuAnhu) told his son: “Let me go an fight and you remain here with the women.”Sa’d (RadhiAllahuAnhu) refused and replied:
    “My father, if it wasn’t for the fact that I desire Jannah, I would have stayed behind.”So they drew lots to decide who would accompany the Prophet (SallallahuAlyhiwasallam) and the other Muslims, and left the decision to Allah Ta’ala. Allah Ta’ala favoured Sa’d (RadhiAllahuAnhu) who won the lottery. This is indeed a great blessing, that he was chosen by Allah to accompany the Prophet (SallallahuAlyhiwasallam) in the first major battle of Islam.Allah Ta’ala blessed him further by granting him martyrdom in His path. He was killed by ‘Amr Ibn Abdi Wudd and fulfilled his desire of entering Jannah.His father Khaythama, who missed out on taking part at Badr, was further saddened by the loss of his son.However, his sincerity and love for Allah and His Prophet did not go unnoticed, as the following year Allah Ta’ala blessed him with the sweetness of martyrdom at the battle of Uhud.

I recalled this  Ayah of Quran  which said that Allah Sent Rain as Mercy and I looked at the ground. I picked up the Sand and it flew off my hands like Water.

“(Remember) when HE covered you with a slumber as a security from HIM – and HE caused rain to descend on you from the sky – to clean you thereby and to remove from you the Rijz (Whispering- Evil suggestions- etc – of Satan.

And to Strengthen your Hearts – and make your Feet firm thereby”  [8:11]

While we were doing Tafseer, We were told that Allah had revealed this Ayah in connection of Battle of Badr. The Muslims had left with the intention to meet a caravan of about 40 men – not intending to fight but only to overpower them. But the caravan escaped  and Abu Sufyan  sent word to Quraish to come and protect it. The Muslim Army of around 313 Men met the mighty The Quraish  with enormous army of 1000 men – Six Hundred wearing shield-, 100 horses – and 700 camels- and luxurious provisions to last for several days. The disbelievers wanted to make this a victory that would put fear into the hearts of all the Arabs .

So When the Scenario was

  • 1000 against around 313
  • 700 camels against 70 camels,
  • 100 horses against 2,
  • Enourmous provisions against None

The Muslim Army were  a little concerned. Almighty ALLAH (سبحانہ و تعا لی) showed them favour by  sending rain upon the believers that Very Night. The place where the Muslims were to encamp was made of sandy ground which was hard to walk on because one’s feet could easily sink in it – Almighty ALLAH (سبحانہ و تعا لی) sent the rain to make the ground firm under their feet and he also sent the sleep in their eyes  to make their Hearts Firm .

I then looked up the Sky and imagined the Angels that came for Help

Seeing the Small Muslim Army fight the mighty Quraish ;the Beloved Prophet Muhammed (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)  continued to supplicate his Lord.

Hazrat Abu Bakr as-Sidique [ رضی اللہ تعالہ عنه] witnessed this incessant supplication so He said:  “O RasullAllah – you have cried out enough to your Lord – HE will surely fulfill what HE has promised you”

Immediate was the response of Alimghty ALLAH (سبحانہ و تعا لی) -Who sent down Angels/Mallayka’t from the  Heavens for the help and assistance of HIS Most Chosen Beloved (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)  and his  Companions – The Qur’an marks this Miraculous Occurance:  “I will help you with a thousand of the Angels each behind the other (following one another) in Succession” [Quran – 8:9]

Our Beloved Prophet Muhammed (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) in his hut, dozed off a little and then raised his head joyfully crying and said:  “O Abu Bakr!  Glad Tidings are there for you- ALLAH’s Victory has approached – By ALLAH I can see Jibreel on his mare in the thick of a sandstorm.”

Suhan Allah! I shuddered a little thinking about all this and I kept looking at the sky .

Around 5,000 angels had descended to help the Muslims achieve victory over the Quraysh who were better equipped in terms of weaponry, camels and war-horses. Allah says in the Quran:

3:125 – Well, if you are steadfast and mindful of Allah, your Lord will reinforce you with five thousand swooping angels if the enemy should suddenly attack you!’

Subhan Allah  Badr is the place where it was as if the unseen realm flooded into the world of matter. It is a place where the early Muslims learned the lesson of the power of reliance – of total reliance on Allah. And it is the place where Allah becomes a teacher to the new Muslim community – guiding them and teaching them the way of reliance on Him. Allah sends the angels from the invisible world to give firmness to the believers – their hearts became firm, their feet became firm, and then the angels, rank on rank, bring firmness to the believers at Allah’s command

Then  Sayyidunā RasūlAllāh (şallAllāhu álayhi wa âlihi wa sahbihī wa sallam ) took a handful of dust and cast it at the enemy and said :  “Confusion Seize their faces!” –  As he flung the dust – a Violent Sandstorm blew like furnace blast into the eyes of the enemy – About this – Alimghty ALLAH (سبحانہ و تعا لی) says in the Noble Quran: “And  You- Muhammad d (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) threw not when you did throw – but ALLAH threw.” [8:17]

It was at this point that our beloved Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)  gave orders to launch a full counter-attack – He incited the believers reciting the following verse:  “And be quick for forgiveness from your Lord – and for Paradise as Wide as are the Heavens and Earth.”[3:133]

The Spirit of the Muslims rose and they fought with the Utmost courage and  Bravery severly wounding the Quraish army – killing many of their men and instilling fear in their hearts .After the Battle 70 of the Quraysh were killed and 70 were captured, and 14 of the Muslims were martyred.

List of 313 Badri Sahaba names:

313 Sahaba who were in the Battle of Badr were-

  1. Sayyiduna Muhammad Rasulullah s.a.w.
  2. Abu Bakar as-Shiddiq r.a.
  3. Umar bin al-Khattab r.a.
  4. Utsman bin Affan r.a.
  5. Ali bin Abu Tholib r.a.
  6. Talhah bin ‘Ubaidillah r.a.
  7. Bilal bin Rabbah r.a.
  8. Hamzah bin Abdul Muttolib r.a.
  9. Abdullah bin Jahsyi r.a.
  10. Al-Zubair bin al-Awwam r.a.
  11. Mus’ab bin Umair bin Hasyim r.a.
  12. Abdur Rahman bin ‘Auf r.a.
  13. Abdullah bin Mas’ud r.a.
  14. Sa’ad bin Abi Waqqas r.a.
  15. Abu Kabsyah al-Faris r.a.
  16. Anasah al-Habsyi r.a.
  17. Zaid bin Harithah al-Kalbi r.a.
  18. Marthad bin Abi Marthad al-Ghanawi r.a.
  19. Abu Marthad al-Ghanawi r.a.
  20. Al-Husain bin al-Harith bin Abdul Muttolib r.a.
  21. ‘Ubaidah bin al-Harith bin Abdul Muttolib r.a.
  22. Al-Tufail bin al-Harith bin Abdul Muttolib r.a.
  23. Mistah bin Usasah bin ‘Ubbad bin Abdul Muttolib r.a.
  24. Abu Huzaifah bin ‘Utbah bin Rabi’ah r.a.
  25. Subaih (maula Abi ‘Asi bin Umaiyyah) r.a.
  26. Salim (maula Abu Huzaifah) r.a.
  27. Sinan bin Muhsin r.a.
  28. ‘Ukasyah bin Muhsin r.a.
  29. Sinan bin Abi Sinan r.a.
  30. Abu Sinan bin Muhsin r.a.
  31. Syuja’ bin Wahab r.a.
  32. ‘Utbah bin Wahab r.a.
  33. Yazid bin Ruqais r.a.
  34. Muhriz bin Nadhlah r.a.
  35. Rabi’ah bin Aksam r.a.
  36. Thaqfu bin Amir r.a.
  37. Malik bin Amir r.a.
  38. Mudlij bin Amir r.a.
  39. Abu Makhsyi Suwaid bin Makhsyi al-To’i r.a.
  40. ‘Utbah bin Ghazwan r.a.
  41. Khabbab (maula ‘Utbah bin Ghazwan) r.a.
  42. Hathib bin Abi Balta’ah al-Lakhmi r.a.
  43. Sa’ad al-Kalbi (maula Hathib) r.a.
  44. Suwaibit bin Sa’ad bin Harmalah r.a.
  45. Umair bin Abi Waqqas r.a.
  46. Al-Miqdad bin ‘Amru r.a.
  47. Mas’ud bin Rabi’ah r.a.
  48. Zus Syimalain Amru bin Amru r.a.
  49. Khabbab bin al-Arat al-Tamimi r.a.
  50. Amir bin Fuhairah r.a.
  51. Suhaib bin Sinan r.a.
  52. Abu Salamah bin Abdul Asad r.a.
  53. Syammas bin Uthman r.a.
  54. Al-Arqam bin Abi al-Arqam r.a.
  55. Ammar bin Yasir r.a.
  56. Mu’attib bin ‘Auf al-Khuza’i r.a.
  57. Zaid bin al-Khattab r.a.
  58. Amru bin Suraqah r.a.
  59. Abdullah bin Suraqah r.a.
  60. Sa’id bin Zaid bin Amru r.a.
  61. Mihja bin Akk (maula Umar bin al-Khattab) r.a.
  62. Waqid bin Abdullah al-Tamimi r.a.
  63. Khauli bin Abi Khauli al-Ijli r.a.
  64. Malik bin Abi Khauli al-Ijli r.a.
  65. Amir bin Rabi’ah r.a.
  66. Amir bin al-Bukair r.a.
  67. Aqil bin al-Bukair r.a.
  68. Khalid bin al-Bukair r.a.
  69. Iyas bin al-Bukair r.a.
  70. Uthman bin Maz’un r.a.
  71. Qudamah bin Maz’un r.a.
  72. Abdullah bin Maz’un r.a.
  73. Al-Saib bin Uthman bin Maz’un r.a.
  74. Ma’mar bin al-Harith r.a.
  75. Khunais bin Huzafah r.a.
  76. Abu Sabrah bin Abi Ruhm r.a.
  77. Abdullah bin Makhramah r.a.
  78. Abdullah bin Suhail bin Amru r.a.
  79. Wahab bin Sa’ad bin Abi Sarah r.a.
  80. Hatib bin Amru r.a.
  81. Umair bin Auf r.a.
  82. Sa’ad bin Khaulah r.a.
  83. Abu Ubaidah Amir al-Jarah r.a.
  84. Amru bin al-Harith r.a.
  85. Suhail bin Wahab bin Rabi’ah r.a.
  86. Safwan bin Wahab r.a.
  87. Amru bin Abi Sarah bin Rabi’ah r.a.
  88. Sa’ad bin Muaz r.a.
  89. Amru bin Muaz r.a.
  90. Al-Harith bin Aus r.a.
  91. Al-Harith bin Anas r.a.
  92. Sa’ad bin Zaid bin Malik r.a.
  93. Salamah bin Salamah bin Waqsyi r.a.
  94. ‘Ubbad bin Waqsyi r.a.
  95. Salamah bin Thabit bin Waqsyi r.a.
  96. Rafi’ bin Yazid bin Kurz r.a.
  97. Al-Harith bin Khazamah bin ‘Adi r.a.
  98. Muhammad bin Maslamah al-Khazraj r.a.
  99. Salamah bin Aslam bin Harisy r.a.
  100. Abul Haitham bin al-Tayyihan r.a.
  101. ‘Ubaid bin Tayyihan r.a.
  102. Abdullah bin Sahl r.a.
  103. Qatadah bin Nu’man bin Zaid r.a.
  104. Ubaid bin Aus r.a.
  105. Nasr bin al-Harith bin ‘Abd r.a.
  106. Mu’attib bin ‘Ubaid r.a.
  107. Abdullah bin Tariq al-Ba’lawi r.a.
  108. Mas’ud bin Sa’ad r.a.
  109. Abu Absi Jabr bin Amru r.a.
  110. Abu Burdah Hani’ bin Niyyar al-Ba’lawi r.a.
  111. Asim bin Thabit bin Abi al-Aqlah r.a.
  112. Mu’attib bin Qusyair bin Mulail r.a.
  113. Abu Mulail bin al-Az’ar bin Zaid r.a.
  114. Umair bin Mab’ad bin al-Az’ar r.a.
  115. Sahl bin Hunaif bin Wahib r.a.
  116. Abu Lubabah Basyir bin Abdul Munzir r.a.
  117. Mubasyir bin Abdul Munzir r.a.
  118. Rifa’ah bin Abdul Munzir r.a.
  119. Sa’ad bin ‘Ubaid bin al-Nu’man r.a.
  120. ‘Uwaim bin Sa’dah bin ‘Aisy r.a.
  121. Rafi’ bin Anjadah r.a.
  122. ‘Ubaidah bin Abi ‘Ubaid r.a.
  123. Tha’labah bin Hatib r.a.
  124. Unais bin Qatadah bin Rabi’ah r.a.
  125. Ma’ni bin Adi al-Ba’lawi r.a.
  126. Thabit bin Akhram al-Ba’lawi r.a.
  127. Zaid bin Aslam bin Tha’labah al-Ba’lawi r.a.
  128. Rib’ie bin Rafi’ al-Ba’lawi r.a.
  129. Asim bin Adi al-Ba’lawi r.a.
  130. Jubr bin ‘Atik r.a.
  131. Malik bin Numailah al-Muzani r.a.
  132. Al-Nu’man bin ‘Asr al-Ba’lawi r.a.
  133. Abdullah bin Jubair r.a.
  134. Asim bin Qais bin Thabit r.a.
  135. Abu Dhayyah bin Thabit bin al-Nu’man r.a.
  136. Abu Hayyah bin Thabit bin al-Nu’man r.a.
  137. Salim bin Amir bin Thabit r.a.
  138. Al-Harith bin al-Nu’man bin Umayyah r.a.
  139. Khawwat bin Jubair bin al-Nu’man r.a.
  140. Al-Munzir bin Muhammad bin ‘Uqbah r.a.
  141. Abu ‘Uqail bin Abdullah bin Tha’labah r.a.
  142. Sa’ad bin Khaithamah r.a.
  143. Munzir bin Qudamah bin Arfajah r.a.
  144. Tamim (maula Sa’ad bin Khaithamah) r.a.
  145. Al-Harith bin Arfajah r.a.
  146. Kharijah bin Zaid bin Abi Zuhair r.a.
  147. Sa’ad bin al-Rabi’ bin Amru r.a.
  148. Abdullah bin Rawahah r.a.
  149. Khallad bin Suwaid bin Tha’labah r.a.
  150. Basyir bin Sa’ad bin Tha’labah r.a.
  151. Sima’ bin Sa’ad bin Tha’labah r.a.
  152. Subai bin Qais bin ‘Isyah r.a.
  153. ‘Ubbad bin Qais bin ‘Isyah r.a.
  154. Abdullah bin Abbas r.a.
  155. Yazid bin al-Harith bin Qais r.a.
  156. Khubaib bin Isaf bin ‘Atabah r.a.
  157. Abdullah bin Zaid bin Tha’labah r.a.
  158. Huraith bin Zaid bin Tha’labah r.a.
  159. Sufyan bin Bisyr bin Amru r.a.
  160. Tamim bin Ya’ar bin Qais r.a.
  161. Abdullah bin Umair r.a.
  162. Zaid bin al-Marini bin Qais r.a.
  163. Abdullah bin ‘Urfutah r.a.
  164. Abdullah bin Rabi’ bin Qais r.a.
  165. Abdullah bin Abdullah bin Ubai r.a.
  166. Aus bin Khauli bin Abdullah r.a.
  167. Zaid bin Wadi’ah bin Amru r.a.
  168. ‘Uqbah bin Wahab bin Kaladah r.a.
  169. Rifa’ah bin Amru bin Amru bin Zaid r.a.
  170. Amir bin Salamah r.a.
  171. Abu Khamishah Ma’bad bin Ubbad r.a.
  172. Amir bin al-Bukair r.a.
  173. Naufal bin Abdullah bin Nadhlah r.a.
  174. ‘Utban bin Malik bin Amru bin al-Ajlan r.a.
  175. ‘Ubadah bin al-Somit r.a.
  176. Aus bin al-Somit r.a.
  177. Al-Nu’man bin Malik bin Tha’labah r.a.
  178. Thabit bin Huzal bin Amru bin Qarbus r.a.
  179. Malik bin Dukhsyum bin Mirdhakhah r.a.
  180. Al-Rabi’ bin Iyas bin Amru bin Ghanam r.a.
  181. Waraqah bin Iyas bin Ghanam r.a.
  182. Amru bin Iyas r.a.
  183. Al-Mujazzar bin Ziyad bin Amru r.a.
  184. ‘Ubadah bin al-Khasykhasy r.a.
  185. Nahhab bin Tha’labah bin Khazamah r.a.
  186. Abdullah bin Tha’labah bin Khazamah r.a.
  187. Utbah bin Rabi’ah bin Khalid r.a.
  188. Abu Dujanah Sima’ bin Kharasyah r.a.
  189. Al-Munzir bin Amru bin Khunais r.a.
  190. Abu Usaid bin Malik bin Rabi’ah r.a.
  191. Malik bin Mas’ud bin al-Badan r.a.
  192. Abu Rabbihi bin Haqqi bin Aus r.a.
  193. Ka’ab bin Humar al-Juhani r.a.
  194. Dhamrah bin Amru r.a.
  195. Ziyad bin Amru r.a.
  196. Basbas bin Amru r.a.
  197. Abdullah bin Amir al-Ba’lawi r.a.
  198. Khirasy bin al-Shimmah bin Amru r.a.
  199. Al-Hubab bin al-Munzir bin al-Jamuh r.a.
  200. Umair bin al-Humam bin al-Jamuh r.a.
  201. Tamim (maula Khirasy bin al-Shimmah) r.a.
  202. Abdullah bin Amru bin Haram r.a.
  203. Muaz bin Amru bin al-Jamuh r.a.
  204. Mu’awwiz bin Amru bin al-Jamuh r.a.
  205. Khallad bin Amru bin al-Jamuh r.a.
  206. ‘Uqbah bin Amir bin Nabi bin Zaid r.a.
  207. Hubaib bin Aswad r.a.
  208. Thabit bin al-Jiz’i r.a.
  209. Umair bin al-Harith bin Labdah r.a.
  210. Basyir bin al-Barra’ bin Ma’mur r.a.
  211. Al-Tufail bin al-Nu’man bin Khansa’ r.a.
  212. Sinan bin Saifi bin Sakhr bin Khansa’ r.a.
  213. Abdullah bin al-Jaddi bin Qais r.a.
  214. Atabah bin Abdullah bin Sakhr r.a.
  215. Jabbar bin Umaiyah bin Sakhr r.a.
  216. Kharijah bin Humayyir al-Asyja’i r.a.
  217. Abdullah bin Humayyir al-Asyja’i r.a.
  218. Yazid bin al-Munzir bin Sahr r.a.
  219. Ma’qil bin al-Munzir bin Sahr r.a.
  220. Abdullah bin al-Nu’man bin Baldumah r.a.
  221. Al-Dhahlak bin Harithah bin Zaid r.a.
  222. Sawad bin Razni bin Zaid r.a.
  223. Ma’bad bin Qais bin Sakhr bin Haram r.a.
  224. Abdullah bin Qais bin Sakhr bin Haram r.a.
  225. Abdullah bin AbuTausif di Manaf r.a.
  226. Jabir bin Abdullah bin Riab r.a.
  227. Khulaidah bin Qais bin al-Nu’man r.a.
  228. An-Nu’man bin Yasar r.a.
  229. Abu al-Munzir Yazid bin Amir r.a.
  230. Qutbah bin Amir bin Hadidah r.a.
  231. Sulaim bin Amru bin Hadidah r.a.
  232. Antarah (maula Qutbah bin Amir) r.a.
  233. Abbas bin Amir bin Adi r.a.
  234. Abul Yasar Ka’ab bin Amru bin Abbad r.a.
  235. Sahl bin Qais bin Abi Ka’ab bin al-Qais r.a.
  236. Amru bin Talqi bin Zaid bin Umaiyah r.a.
  237. Muaz bin Jabal bin Amru bin Aus r.a.
  238. Qais bin Mihshan bin Khalid r.a.
  239. Abu Khalid al-Harith bin Qais bin Khalid r.a.
  240. Jubair bin Iyas bin Khalid r.a.
  241. Abu Ubadah Sa’ad bin Uthman r.a.
  242. ‘Uqbah bin Uthman bin Khaladah r.a.
  243. Ubadah bin Qais bin Amir bin Khalid r.a.
  244. As’ad bin Yazid bin al-Fakih r.a.
  245. Al-Fakih bin Bisyr r.a.
  246. Zakwan bin Abdu Qais bin Khaladah r.a.
  247. Muaz bin Ma’ish bin Qais bin Khaladah r.a.
  248. Aiz bin Ma’ish bin Qais bin Khaladah r.a.
  249. Mas’ud bin Qais bin Khaladah r.a.
  250. Rifa’ah bin Rafi’ bin al-Ajalan r.a.
  251. Khallad bin Rafi’ bin al-Ajalan r.a.
  252. Ubaid bin Yazid bin Amir bin al-Ajalan r.a.
  253. Ziyad bin Lubaid bin Tha’labah r.a.
  254. Khalid bin Qais bin al-Ajalan r.a.
  255. Rujailah bin Tha’labah bin Khalid r.a.
  256. Atiyyah bin Nuwairah bin Amir r.a.
  257. Khalifah bin Adi bin Amru r.a.
  258. Rafi’ bin al-Mu’alla bin Luzan r.a.
  259. Abu Ayyub bin Khalid al-Ansari r.a.
  260. Thabit bin Khalid bin al-Nu’man r.a.
  261. ‘Umarah bin Hazmi bin Zaid r.a.
  262. Suraqah bin Ka’ab bin Abdul Uzza r.a.
  263. Suhail bin Rafi’ bin Abi Amru r.a.
  264. Adi bin Abi al-Zaghba’ al-Juhani r.a.
  265. Mas’ud bin Aus bin Zaid r.a.
  266. Abu Khuzaimah bin Aus bin Zaid r.a.
  267. Rafi’ bin al-Harith bin Sawad bin Zaid r.a.
  268. Auf bin al-Harith bin Rifa’ah r.a.
  269. Mu’awwaz bin al-Harith bin Rifa’ah r.a.
  270. Muaz bin al-Harith bin Rifa’ah r.a.
  271. An-Nu’man bin Amru bin Rifa’ah r.a.
  272. Abdullah bin Qais bin Khalid r.a.
  273. Wadi’ah bin Amru al-Juhani r.a.
  274. Ishmah al-Asyja’i r.a.
  275. Thabit bin Amru bin Zaid bin Adi r.a.
  276. Sahl bin ‘Atik bin al-Nu’man r.a.
  277. Tha’labah bin Amru bin Mihshan r.a.
  278. Al-Harith bin al-Shimmah bin Amru r.a.
  279. Ubai bin Ka’ab bin Qais r.a.
  280. Anas bin Muaz bin Anas bin Qais r.a.
  281. Aus bin Thabit bin al-Munzir bin Haram r.a.
  282. Abu Syeikh bin Ubai bin Thabit r.a.
  283. Abu Tolhah bin Zaid bin Sahl r.a.
  284. Abu Syeikh Ubai bin Thabit r.a.
  285. Harithah bin Suraqah bin al-Harith r.a.
  286. Amru bin Tha’labah bin Wahb bin Adi r.a.
  287. Salit bin Qais bin Amru bin ‘Atik r.a.
  288. Abu Salit bin Usairah bin Amru r.a.
  289. Thabit bin Khansa’ bin Amru bin Malik r.a.
  290. Amir bin Umaiyyah bin Zaid r.a.
  291. Muhriz bin Amir bin Malik r.a.
  292. Sawad bin Ghaziyyah r.a.
  293. Abu Zaid Qais bin Sakan r.a.
  294. Abul A’war bin al-Harith bin Zalim r.a.
  295. Sulaim bin Milhan r.a.
  296. Haram bin Milhan r.a.
  297. Qais bin Abi Sha’sha’ah r.a.
  298. Abdullah bin Ka’ab bin Amru r.a.
  299. ‘Ishmah al-Asadi r.a.
  300. Abu Daud Umair bin Amir bin Malik r.a.
  301. Suraqah bin Amru bin ‘Atiyyah r.a.
  302. Qais bin Mukhallad bin Tha’labah r.a.
  303. Al-Nu’man bin Abdi Amru bin Mas’ud r.a.
  304. Al-Dhahhak bin Abdi Amru r.a.
  305. Sulaim bin al-Harith bin Tha’labah r.a.
  306. Jabir bin Khalid bin Mas’ud r.a.
  307. Sa’ad bin Suhail bin Abdul Asyhal r.a.
  308. Ka’ab bin Zaid bin Qais r.a.
  309. Bujir bin Abi Bujir al-Abbasi r.a.
  310. ‘Itban bin Malik bin Amru al-Ajalan r.a.
  311. ‘Ismah bin al-Hushain bin Wabarah r.a.
  312. Hilal bin al-Mu’alla al-Khazraj r.a.
  313. Oleh bin Syuqrat r.a. (khadam Nabi s.a.w)

I thanked Allah

I thanked Allah for his mercy in giving me a chance to visit the blessed place where Angels descended for the help of the believers. Glorified is Allah ! There is none like my Lord. May Allah forgive us for all our shortcomings and give us the imaan of the Sahabas. Unless we know the history and read in detail the Tafseer of Quran , We won’t be able to Reflect . Ya Allah increase us in ilm and grant us the  favour of his mercy . Ameen Summa Ameen.

Originally written on Dec 2017

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Jazak Allah Khair.

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