5 Obvious Reasons to Revive Hijama


5 Obvious Reasons to Revive Hijama

Cupping (hijama) is the best remedy recommended and used by the Prophet SAW. Prophet SAW said, “Indeed the best of remedies you have is cupping (hijama)…” [Saheeh al-Bukhaaree (5371)].

Hijama is believed to draw unhealthy/bad blood from the body by removing toxins and making way for healthy and clean blood to reach parts of human body. This is done by the help of wet cupping. The effect of bad stagnant blood in our body can best be understood by the simple example of a tree log blocking the flow of the river. This presence of unhealthy blood then weakens the immune system thus giving rise to various illnesses.

Hijama has its roots in the ancient times and there had been considerable proof to support its usage by the civilizations to cure various diseases. Ebers papyrus, thought to be the oldest medical textbook approximately 1550 B.C., in Egypt, describes bleeding by cupping in order to remove the foreign matter from the body. Apart from Egyptian civilization this therapy has also been found in Greek and Persian origins and was also mentioned by the father of modern medicine Hippocrates.

Below are the top 5 reasons which force us to acknowledge the importance of hijama in our lives and make us believe that it is about time that this healthy alternative to contemporary medicine should be adopted.

1)Hijama  is a Revival of Sunnah:

Nothing can be more important for Muslims than to follow something which has its roots in Islam and has been a part of great Sunnah.

“Indeed in hijama (cupping) there is a cure.”  – Saheeh Muslim


The importance of hijama in the divine guidance can further be stressed by the following words which were related to the Prophet SAW on the night of Israa (ascension to the heaven) by angles: “O Mohammed, order your Ummah (people) with hijama (cupping).”– Saheeh, Sunan Tirmidhi.


The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is reported to have had hijama performed on his head for a migraine [Bukhari], on his foot after a sprain [Ibn Majah], on his neck[Abu Dawud], on his hip for hip pain [Abu Dawud] and between his shoulders for detoxification [Ahmed].


“The best medicine with which you treat yourselves is cupping, or it is one of the best of your medicines.” [Boukhari: 5371]


So, for the revival of hijama, what could be more convincing than the fact that it has been the practice of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and also his companions. Even after his death, the Sahaba used to do hijama on a regular basis and, it is due to this reason that it has a strong presence in the middle eastern region. Following Sunnah not only gives physical cleansing but has its effects spiritually as well.

2) Hijama has the capability to treat Many Many diseases. 


Hijama has been used to cure many diseases like chronic lower backache, arthritis, migraine, joint pain, muscle spasm, and sprains. Plus, it can be used to cure lung and respiratory diseases such as asthma, pneumonia, and chronic cough. It has been found to bring freshness to skin and end various skin diseases. These are just a few illnesses for which hijama is being used.


3) Hijama is the Energy Medicine:


What better way to ward off lethargy than hijama? This is also called energy medicine and true to its name, hijama has been found to be a source of producing a great amount of energy and feeling of well-being. But to achieve this benefit, it is necessary to do hijama on a routine basis and not just as a one-time remedy.


4)Hijama  is  a way to Productivity:


High levels of energy have a direct impact on human productivity, be it at individual, collective and or religious level. The more the energy, the more a person would be willing to invest his physical strength and mental capabilities in performing any task. It is the law of nature that hard work doesn’t go to waste so the more the hard work, the more productive any endeavor would be.


5)Hijama  is an act of worship:


So hijama has not only benefits related to health but, it also becomes an act of worship when followed with the intention of acting upon Sunnah and will bear good results for its follower.

If You want to learn more about Hijama in order to use it for healing. Check out this free eBook to Know more about it or check this website.


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