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Quran Challenge Game

In this season of sales and offers , have you considered buying for your kids an Islamic Game ?

I bought this islamic educational game from Amazon .It is called Quran challenge Game. Very happy with the purchase ,I thought to let you all know about this wonderful game.This is not simply a game .It is a lovely way to spend a quality family time in the rememberance of Allah .

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Get it from Amazon

Initially when I unboxed it ,I thought is it just  a board game . But when I went through the instruction card,it seemed interesting .Quite interesting !

The Quran Challenge Game  is a unique game based on the Holy Quran. The idea behind this game is to provide the players with both fun and education. All questions are taken from the Quran. They have been creatively worked into this game and children will enjoy answering them.

You can play it in many ways .You can play it with your kids or organise an Islamic Quiz competition among the kids at school or home .This not only helps develop interest in Quran and boost learning skills this is what is called quality play time .

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You can find complete instructions on how to play this game  in an easy to understand language booklet enclosed in the box .

Sample Quran Challenge Game questions

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If you are in India , It costs only Rs 534 ,you can get it from Amazon.

I am disclosing for you some sample Questions from Quran Challenge Game :

There are a total of 600 questions.There are 100 cards and each cards contains 6 questions on one side and their answers on the other side.

There are 6 categories on the question card and each category is represented by different symbol.

The 6 categories are :

  • Quranic Knowledge
  • Prophets
  • People of Quran
  • Land and Places in Quran
  • Teachings if Quran
  • 99 Names of Allah.

Q1 )Name the First Surah of the Quran

Q2)Name the prophet who was very patient

Q3)Which of the names of Allah signifies his power of originate creation?

Q4) Which Ayah or verse of the Quran was revealed to Prophet Muhammad Saw ?


As you see ,the questions are not so tough and not very easy either .

How to play the game

2 or more players or team can play the game at one time. There are different coloured pawns representing each group or team. The winner is ths player who finishes the game first .

The game is not so straight forward.Like any board game ,it has some rules which you can find in the instruction card.There are landmarks and stops which win you a free turn.

Overall the game is very interesting .I highly recommend this game .If you wish to get this amazing gift for your kids ,you can get it from Amazon or Amazon India .It costs only Rs 534 in Indian Rs.

Happy Islamic Parenting !

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