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Assalamu alaikum wrwb,

This is Aafiya. Islam hashtag believes in promoting Islamic business and helping them get the platform to advertise. If you are here to promote your Islamic business, you are at a right place.

This website is authored, maintained and run by a single person who is herself a Talibe Ilm and who spends most of the time in studies. Aafiya, is in her final years of Darse Nizami. She holds the qualification of an Optometrist and had never studied computer all her life. Alhumdulillah Allah gave the taufeeq and she learnt to start maintain and promote Websites. She has been running Islam hashtag since 6 years alhumdulillah and has written more than 600 articles and many small booklets. In order to become self sufficient she wrote ebooks and worksheets for children which can be purchased from the website.

Every day we get many many emails asking to include the link to their website and they do offer huge amount for that. But we believe that this blog is an ibadah. We do not divert our readers to spammy or unworthy websites. This is the reason we do not even include google ads which also offer advertisement money.

The only ways we are able to pay our running and maintenance cost is via banner ad and sponsored post for Islamic website. Many Islamic business support us and our enthusiasm to study by either offering us long term banner ad or allowing us to study with them for Free in exchange of advertisement cost.

If you see a sponsored post in our website, It could be either submitted by them or written by me. I highly encourage you to try their trial classes before enrolling yourself longterm. If you see the banner ads of Islamic stores, read their FAQ section and terms of service before buying. We also have amazon ads which is very safe and if you buy anything through the link we get a tiny commission which help us to buy our books and resources to continue with our studies.

let us take a peek at Islam Hashtag.(Updated 2021)

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