A Glimpse of how the Non -Muslims Supported the World Hijab Day 2018

World Hijab Day

World Hijab Day takes place on February 1st each year . Its stated purpose is to encourage women of all religions and backgrounds to wear and experience the hijab. It was a movement started by  Nazma Khan in 2013 and it continues to grow in stature across the globe .

According to her, the day was part of efforts to end hate in the world by driving home the need to accept each others differences. She Said ,“My dearest sisters, when you choose to put on that hijab, in solidarity with Muslim women, you are taking a stand against bigotry, prejudice and discrimination against Muslim women who choose to wear the hijab on a daily basis.But most importantly, you learn and realize under this fabric lies a soul, a heart, a human being just like everyone else,” she added, thanking people who were making the day a global success ”

In this day, many Non-profit organization uses ambassadors, organizers, volunteers organize events to create awareness about Hijab . If You are Curious Why Muslim Woman Wear Hijab, You may like to read this . Now, Let us See how the Non- Muslims Supported this event . I am Sharing some tweets and Pictures which shows how Men and Women around the world, regardless of faith, showed  their solidarity with Muslim women worldwide.

With this Post I would also like  to thank every one who supports Hijab and who condemn Islamophobic attacks on Women wearing Hijab. .

world hijab day



Modesty is a crown for Muslimah.Hijab forces Men to look at her with respect rather than as Object.The Stigma that Surrounds headscarf is the assumption that Women only wear headscarf if they are forced to.Many Non Muslim Woman have tried headscarf for a day and they have found the experience totally different.

Hijab is our Pride and We love it.

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