Ya Maryam, small booklet for girls named Maryam


Ya Maryam, Maryam in Quran, a small booklet for girls named Maryam

The moment you see your name in a book, you feel overly delighted.

The name “Maryam” is a very beautiful name. Maryam was the name of daughter of Imran Alaihe Salam and the mother of Prophet Isa Alaihe salam. I have also named my daughter Maryam.

As Maryam grows up and is beginning to read Quran and understanding things around her, I gift to her this short compilation with her name. This is a naseehat from a mother using the Quranic Verses.

I pray that Allah bless her and guide her in all aspects of her life.

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This is a short compilation of 8 page pdf which you can download from this link

ya maryam, small booklet for girls named maryam
small booklet for girls named Maryam


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