The day of Arafat

September 25, 2015 Aafia 3

Why Hajj is Arafat? The day of Arafat is the second day of Hajj.The Messenger of Allah (salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam) said: “ الحج […]


Tawaf in hoverboard

September 6, 2015 Aafia 0

     TAWAF IN HOVERBOARD: OPINION   I have seen some children in mecca using a hoverboard.And although I have picked this video from social […]


Raudhah of Masjid Nabawi

August 1, 2015 Aafia 4

  ZIYARAH TO MASJID-NABAWI(PROPHET ‘S MOSQUE) Millions of People dream to make a Visit to the resting Place of our Beloved Prophet-Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) for atleast […]