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A mother’s love is endless.Let us love,care and respect our mother everyday.She is the building blocks of our personality.We owe her a lots and this is what Quran says.Listen to this mesemerising and emotional nasheed on mother and share with all mothers you know.

We cannot help but to place ourself under the vast shade that our mother provided for us  throughout the  long course of our life, nurtured by the pleasant emotions and mixed with the eternal days of our life. These realities grow in our spirit and become an inseparable part of our personality that we cannot let go of without letting go of our humanity.

OH GOD ! Give our parents long and healthy life keep them safe and forgive their sins. Ameen.



Mothers are more than a home maker.She sacrifices her personal desires,professional goals,and her sleep just to keep us happy and attend to our need 24×7.And what do we give her in return?

Sadly,we forget her every favour ,we ignore her and get busy with our friends,our new family,our partners that we forget she is still the same.She is still thinking of you every second.She still love to fondle you and spend time with you.She can still sacrifice everything left with her, just for your smile.But she won’t say it!Yes,she won’t say it.why?Because she is a mother.

A request,to every busy person:

We can never repay our parents and neither is it possible to express our feeling everytime.But We can take 1 minute of our busy schedule and make dua for our parents daily.

What can we do for Our Parents


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