is wagamama halal

Is wagamama Halal?

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Wagamama is becoming Popular in UK and other places. As a Muslim,Wagamama restaurants should be avoided as they are not Halal at least there is no evidence that they are halal and an official tweet from Wagamama UK indicates that they are not halal. Although they suggest that you can ask the server to get you a suitable dish for you, You should exercise caution and choose a halal option for eating out.

Official reply by Wagamama to question “Is wagamama Halal?”

is wagamama halal

Official twitter confirms Wagamama is not halal.

Another user complained on twitter about Wagamama being listed as halal

is wagamama halal

Is Wagamama Halal or Haram?

Wagamama is Haram.

The official Twitter account of Wagamama’s UK department, which serves a wide range of Japanese specialties, confirmed that they aren’t halal restaurant. Though it offers a vegan menu, some Wagamama menus are identified to be outfitted with sauces that comprise alcohol.

Alcohol in Wagamama Sauces -Wagamama not halal

is wagamama halal or haram?

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