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Islamic Trivia Quiz – 03

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The Quran is also Known as Al Huda?

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Who inhabited the Overthrown cities of Sodom and Gomorrah?

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What are Humans Made of ?

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What is the last Verse of Quran revealed to Prophet Muhammad SAW ?

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Which Battle was a test of Believers in the time of Prophet Muhammad SAW?

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How many Gates are there in Hell?

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Which People did Allah cause to Perish with a terrible blast of Wind ?

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What was the name of Queen of Saba ?

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Where is Mount Arafat ?

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Name the Star that Pagans used to Worship?

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Islamic Trivia quiz 3
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  1. Saber Ahmed

    May Allah give rewards for your works

  2. lana

    This is a great initiative, however, you need to work on the technical issues. It doesn’t give you the right score, so if I answered everything correctly or wrong it gives you a score of 0/10. Also it would be nice to highlight the correct answer after receiving the score so people can learn the right answer.

  3. Momin

    Just love it

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