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Quran Donation Project.

Assalamu Alaikum,

I am Aafia. the Person behind “Islam Hashtag ” . I have decided to donate a Part of my Monthly earning towards Donating  Quran to the New Reverts . If You are a New Revert or if You are a non Muslim studying Islam , Contact me through the Form Below to request a FREE copy of “The Quran ” – English translation by M.A.S. Abdel Halem .

We will add you to the Waiting List and In sha Allah will  send you a “Translation of Quran ” as and when your turn comes . Your turn may come earlier if We have the required budget and it may come later if the list is huge . Also , We need to see if the Book can be delivered in your area . So, If You are interested , You may Contact Us through the form below .

Please note that We will ask you for your confirmation  and your  full mailing address if you are Selected for the QURAN DONATION . Just fill in the form and send it to us.We will get back to you soon. In Sha Allah.

Contact Form For New Muslims to Request a Translation of Quran


If You want to Support me in this Cause , You can also be a Part of “Quran Donation Project ” by Donating any amount  .

If You want to donate , you can mail us at

You can also become a Member of Quran Donation Project  to keep the Project Alive .The Members of Quran Donation Project will get to know where will the Donation be used and will be a Part of Closed Community who seek the reward with Allah swt by Spending a Part of their Money in Charity . If You wish to Sponsor this Project and become a Member , You can mail me at or contact us through this Form

Support me by Sharing this Message with any one who may benefit from it .

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