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learn quran online

Do you want to Learn Quran Online?

Gone are the days of making excuse of not knowing to read Quran because of lack of teachers. Modern technology has facilitated the learning of deen right from the comfort of our home.

I recently came across a Website called tarteelquran.com which teaches Quran online. They give you a free trial classes at your time to help you decide whether you want to take classes with them or not .

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They help with  Quran Memorization ( Hifz ), Fluent Quran Reading ,  Tajweed, help Understand Quran, and learn Daily Islamic Supplication online. They also teach tafsir online and has 10 Qirat , and Quran Ijazah Course. They have experience in teaching students at all levels of understanding and have  Quran teachers that speak a range of languages.

I particularly like their live chat option which clears away your confusion and doubts if you have any .

learn quran online

So, If you are a Hafij e Quran looking for teaching option Online or you are a beginner who want to learn Quran Online , I recommend you to take their free trial classes and see if it works for you .

You can Register to a FREE TRIAL for online Quran classes here  and if you like them you can join their regular course.

Do make effort in learning Quran ,either it is through an Online class or through a teacher of your locality . May Allah accept you as a talibe Ilm and grow eagerness in you to learn the deen of Allah swt .

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  1. Tajweed rules are essential for reciting Quran correctly. With the help of Islamic Qaida you can easily learn tajweed at home. It is intuitive free app which helps our kids and elders to read and pronounce Quran in the right manner.

  2. I really appreciate your work because I want to learn quran online I have recently add duaoazkar app in my iPhone X I have daily quran with translate after salah.

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