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Are you searching for Arabic to English dictionary?Well,there are many options available.But today I am going to list only the best ones.The list have been compiled after a short survey from the students of Arabic,from Amazon reviews and forums.We have mentioned the Pros and Cons of each dictionary so,that your buying becomes easier.


Al-Mawrid Al-Qareeb, A Pocket Arabic-English and English-Arabic Dictionary

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Updated arabic grammer content The Mawrid English-Arabic dictionary is perhaps the best available because, though the Oxford English-Arabic Dictionary of Current Usage is more useful to learners of Arabic for reasons of Arabic grammatical content, the Oxford is 40 years old and the language had expanded significantly.

Alphabetical dictionary of modern standard ArabicThe Mawrid Dictionary is a real help especially for the Beginners in Arabic. Why? The Arabic words are sorted alphabetically instead according to the roots (e.g. bait=House, is typically a tough job to find as it has to be looked up normally below ba – ya – ta; whereby the middle letter ya is weak). The content of words is oriented to newspapers rather than to classical Arabic texts where it is also helpful but what would need to understand the systems of roots in Arabic to properly understand the complexity of meaning. This dictionary is helping therefore beginners to find up words easily as well as advanced translators for modern standard Arabic. For classical translations on scientifical level it is not intended.

Best for beginners: If you are a beginner,just go and grab it.It is recommended by all teachers of arabic

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Less grammatical Information:Mawrid doesn’t give the grammatical information,the learners of Arabic need, such as broken plurals, verbal vowelling, verbal nouns (masdars), let alone how verbs are used with prepositions.

2)Arabic-English Dictionary: The Hans Wehr Dictionary of Modern Written Arabic

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This new edition has thousands of new entries include numerous additions and corrections to the material and presents the results in a single handsome volume.

Best for advanced reader :The author provides a useful introduction in which he discusses, clearly and precisely, the present state of the Arabic language. He points out the situations in which written and spoken varieties of Arabic are used, and remarks on the forces that influenced the development of the lexicon of Modern Arabic. He discusses both the purist movement with its normative tradition, and what might be called the laissez-faire actual usage of writers and journalists under the influence of Western modes of expression, of their everyday colloquial, or both.This really is the most useful way of ordering Arabic dictionaries for someone who’s mastered the basics of Arabic grammar,

Words are in root order, so maktaba (desk) [mktbh] and kaatib (writer) [k’tb] both are found under the verb kataba (to write) [ktb]. This really is the most useful way of ordering Arabic dictionaries for someone who’s mastered the basics of Arabic grammar, though an alphabetic order dictionary is a help when you’re starting and occasionally even when you’re expert.


you’ve got to know the root of a word in order to find it in here.A little difficult for the beginners.

3)Oxford Picture Dictionary English-Arabic: Bilingual Dictionary for Arabic-speaking teenage and adult students of English (Oxford Picture Dictionary 2E)

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  • Content is organized within 12 thematic units, including Everyday Language, People, Housing, Food and Recreation.
  • Each unit starts with an Intro page (new to this edition) and ends with a story page, with single or double-page sub-topics introducing new words in a realistic visual context and easy-to-learn “chunks.”
  • The target new vocabulary is listed and simple practice activities help students put their new words into practice.
  • Story pages include pre-reading questions to build previewing and predicting skills and post-reading questions and role-play activities to support critical thinking and to encourage students to use the new language they have learned.

Recommended for arabic speaking folks who wants to learn English.


Well no major cons,People seem to like it and you can consider buying it if you have an average or even zero Arabic knowledge.

Merriam-Webster’s Arabic-English Dictionary

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  • Great for language learners, teachers, travelers, and translators.
  • This bilingual, bidirectional dictionary uses Arabic vocabulary (as it is spoken in the Arabic world) with English words and phrases that reflect American English
  • It is concise enough where it doesn’t overload you with meanings that are either outdated, rarely used, or both
  • This one is geared towards the English speaker
  • The Arabic to English side is not done by root but alphabetically. For those newcomers to the language, this will make it a lot easier to look up words faster
  • This is a concise little dictionary: it’s obviously no replacement for a larger dictionary, but it’s a very good price, doesn’t take up much space, and is more comprehensive
  • Cheap:only 7 $


  • The English to Arabic side is not as comprehensive as the Oxford English to Arabic, but not as muddled and confusing either.
  • The definitions and pronunciation guides are not  so reliable according to some buyers.
  • The font is too small

Arabic Practical Dictionary: Arabic-English English-Arabic (Hippocrene Practical Dictionaries)

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An essential resource for students of Arabic and English alike, this dictionary contains the most up-to- date vocabulary in handy reference form. With more than 18,000 entries, it is especially useful in navigating the growing terminology of politics, telecommunications, technology, the internet, tourism, business and travel.

  • *Compact and Concise
    *Clear language, pronounciation, and grammar for both sides
    *Easy-to-read format and practical arrangement of Arabic and English entries
    *More than 18,000 total entries
    *Arabic provided with romanized transliterations
    *English provided with phonetic transliterations
    *Ideal for students, scholars, businesspeople, journalists, aid workers, and the military in both English-speaking and Arabic-speaking countries.
  • words are arranged alphabetically, not according to the root (‘jadhr’). Sure, once you’re used to dealing with roots, and with some practise, it’ll probably become easy to look things up, but when you’re just trying to get your homework done in time for class, this book works well.
  • It goes from one language into the other, which makes it a handy little dictionary. Not quite pocketsize, but certainly easy to carry around in your backpack/briefcase.
  • contains plurals of words
  • Not too costly and not too cumbersome to carry.

So,this was a study on various dictianary available tor translation.Did you like the review?

You can get the dictionaries right from this page by clicking on the title of the Dictionary.Enjoy Reading 🙂

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