Prophet Muhammad sallalahu alaihe wa sallam’s Dua at Taif

Once Aisha (R.A), the wife of the Rasul Allah (S.A.W) asked, ‘O Messenger of Allah, was there any day more difficult to you than on the day of the battle of Uhud?” (For those who don’t know, on the battle of Uhud, the Prophet (S.A.W) was wounded, blood was coming from his blessed face, his teeth were dislodged, and even an arrow came and hit him. Much happened on the day of Uhud).

The Prophet (S.A.W) said, ‘Yes, the day of Taif was worse for me than the day of Uhud; that was the most difficult point of my life’. (I.e. This day of Taif had a very profound impact on the Prophet (Sallalahu alaihe wa sallam)

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Prophet Muhammad's Dua at Taif - Power of Dua Series (Part 3) 88

Note : This is the Continuation of Dua and Destiny /Power of Dua Series

Dua at Taif was after the “Year of sorrow”

After the death of two people most beloved to him, first his uncle, Abu Taalib (who had protected him from the people of Makkah), and after a couple of weeks, the death of his wife Khadija (who had been by his side throughout his mission as the Messenger of Allah), the emotional impact on the Holy Prophet (S.A.W) was so severe that this year was called ‘the year of sorrow’. And if these two incidents were not enough, the same year, a third incident occurred, and that incident is known as the ‘Incident of Taif’.

There is a city close by to Makkah, around 80 km away, and is known by the name Taif. After preaching Islam in Makkah for 10 years, the Prophet (S.A.W) decided to leave and try somewhere else. He thought that maybe the people of Taif would perhaps listen to the message and maybe they would be more inclined to accept the truth.

Invitation of Islam to the tribe of Saqeef in Taif

When the Prophet (S.A.W) approached the tribe of Saqeef (the inhabitants of the city of Taif), he asked to meet the chief of the town, and the chiefs of the town were in fact three brothers (Their father was once the chief of the city, but once he died, the brothers decided to share the power among each other). So the three chiefs agreed to meet the Prophet (S.A.W) as they didn’t know why he (S.A.W) wanted to meet them.

Prophet Muhammad's Dua at Taif - Power of Dua Series (Part 3) 89

When the Prophet (S.A.W) introduced him as the Messenger of Allah, told them about Islam, about worshipping only one God, and leaving idol worshipping, the three brothers ridiculed and insulted him in the worst possible manner. One of them said, ‘If you are a Prophet, I might as well destroy the Kaabah’ (meaning what’s the point), another said, ‘Did Allah not found any one better than you to send?

You are the one He has chosen?’, the third one said, ‘If you are a Prophet, then you are too Holy for me to speak to, and if you are not a prophet (i.e. if you are a liar), then you are too ignoble for me (a noble man) to speak to’ (i.e. either way, you are somebody I cannot speak to.)

But this wasn’t the end of it, the three brothers then commanded their slaves and the youth to ridicule the Prophet (S.A.W) and make fun of him. Also, to physically harm him by throwing stones at him, by pelting him as he was leaving the city. So, the Prophet (S.A.W) was forced to leave the city while the people are ridiculing him, insulting him, and throwing stones at him, so much so that the blood began to pour from his body and that his shoes became soaked with his own blood.

Prophet Muhammad's Dua at Taif - Power of Dua Series (Part 3) 90

As he ran outside the city, he himself narrates to Aishaa, that I could not remember where I was going’. He was in such a state of shock that he did not know where he was until he reached a garden a few kilometers outside of Taif. The people of Taif had stopped chasing him, and he sat down, tired and bleeding, being tortured and humiliated by the people of Taif, all alone under a tree. There he (S.A.W) made a dua (call) to Allah (S.W.T) and said the following dua:

Dua of prophet Muhammad at Taif : Dua at Taif in Arabic

dua at taif
Dua at Taif

Dua at Taif Meaning

To You, my Lord,
I complain of my weakness,
lack of support and the humiliation I am made to receive.
Most Compassionate and Merciful!
You are the Lord of the weak,
and you are my Lord.
To whom do You leave me?

To a distant person who receives me with hostility?
Or to an enemy You have given power over me?
As long as you are not displeased with me,
I do not care what I face.
I would, however,
be much happier with Your mercy.
I seek refuge in the light of Your face by which
all darkness is dispelled and both this life and the life to come
are put in their right course against incurring your wrath
or being the subject of your anger.
To You I submit,
until I earn Your pleasure.
Everything is powerless without your support.

The Power of Dua at Taif :

The moment Rasul Allah Sallahu alaihe wassalam made this dua ,his dua was esponded by Allah swt . Prophet (S.A.W) said ‘I saw a cloud hovering above me, and lo and behold, I saw Jibreel (Angel Gabriel) came down from that cloud, and besides him was an angel that I had never seen before.’

And Jibreel said to the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W), ‘O Muhammad (S.A.W), your Lord has seen how your people have responded to you, your Lord has seen what they have said to you, so he has sent me with the angel of the mountains to place at your disposal.’

The angel said, ‘O Muhammad (S.A.W), if you want, command me and I will cause the two mountains of Taif to collapse upon them.’ (For those of you who don’t know, Taif is situated on some type of plateau, and the city is in between these two mountains, and the angel asked the Prophet (S.A.W) if he should just squash the people between the same mountains whose pebbles they used to stone the Prophet (S.A.W) with.)

The Prophet (S.A.W), still bleeding and his shoes still wet with blood says, ‘No! Rather, I pray that Allah (S.W.T) blesses their children to be Muslims and worship Allah (S.W.T) alone. Even if they have rejected Islam, I pray that Allah (S.W.T) blesses their progeny to be Muslim.’ SubhanAllah!

Our Teacher say that is Dua is one of the most Powerful dua . It was answered instantly . Scholars recommend this dua to every one of who are in distress and difficulties .

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Dua is an Ibadah . Make Lots of Dua  and do keep the whole  Ummah in your Prayers.

Book recommendation : Dua Book- Hizbul Azam

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